Leaving School? Why Not Join The Library!

Posted: 28th of February 2014 by Anonymous

You may be surprised in the range of apprenticeships that are available these days. Ranging from the more mechanically-minded professions like engineering , to opportunities to work with animals, and more, there are many more options than you may even have thought possible. Demonstrating the diversity of the courses on offer perfectly is the option of taking an apprenticeship with a real British institution - the library!

The role of the library has changed over the years, and librarians are no longer solely tasked with checking in returned books. The image of the library is changing as well, with electronic reference services, public computers, and other IT additions becoming a more integral part of the services on offer. Of course, there is still a need for the more traditional jobs, like looking after physical collections, managing the flow of borrowed books, and helping people to use the library to find what they need.

With around two thousand libraries and archive/information services across the UK, the library is certainly not a thing of the past, and the nearly sixty-thousand staff have to be able to deal with maintaining the service in the modern world.

It takes care and skill to be able to balance the needs of the public with maintaining valuable collections for everyone to use. As such, the librarian apprenticeship has been created to offer you a route into working in the Libraries, Archives, Records and Information Management sector, while also providing training for further career progression. An apprenticeship can open the doors to a number of roles that may appeal to you.

You will want to be OK with dealing with the public, as there is likely to be a customer focus to the role, such as when helping the people use the service as an Information Assistant. You may also be given the responsibility of looking after resources as an Archive or Records Assistant. Perhaps there will be a mixture of the two, such as with the position of Search Room Assistant, who maintains a specific collection while remaining on hand to help the public with finding information.

Following these assistant roles, you may soon progress to higher levels within the library or records service. Among the positions you could find yourself in are Archive co-ordinator, Records co-ordinator, Senior Library Assistant, Information Services Co-ordinator, or Library Services Supervisor.

Proving that there is an opening to suit even the quietest and more cerebral of students, a library apprenticeship could allow you to offer a service to your local community while learning some new skills, earning some money, and also working in a pleasant and calming environment. The Library is just one example of the many apprenticeships that you may not even have considered. Allowing you on-the-job training and experience, an apprenticeship is a great entry into the workplace.

Why not check out the apprenticeships section for more information on this, and other eye-opening opportunities?  You may just be surprised at what you find!

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