A Level Results Day Is Coming Up

A Level results day falls on 18 August this year. If you are collecting results (either for your AS subjects or your full A Level) then you need to be ready.Whether your results are good or bad, you’re still going to have things to sort. Results day can be quite traumatic, even when the results that you get are great. The run up to results day is stressful, you might be worried that your parents have expectations of you that you are not likely to live up to and you might not want to go to university even though you’ve applied and your parents are expecting you to go.The most important thing to remember is – don’t panic!What if I don’t get the A Level results that I need for A2?It’s just the way it goes right? Your school won’t let you go into the second year of you’re a levels if you don’t hit your target grades for AS and then what do you do?There are a couple of options – first of all though, be totally honest with yourself. Were A Levels right for you in the first place or were you just doing what you thought you had to (or what the school offers?) If this is true then don’t be afraid to cut loose – look for a technical / vocational course that suits you better or look for an apprenticeship. Life is too short to waste another year even if they will let you continue.If you really, really want to continue with A Levels - the other option is to see if your local college offers A Levels and would allow you to continue your second year with them on lower grades.What if I don’t get the results that I need for uni?If you miss out on your university place because you don’t get the grades that you need, again, don’t panic – you can go through a process called clearing and look for another university or course if you still want to go to university. You can read exactly how to do this in our results day guide 2016 that comes out on the 11th July – so you’ll be all prepared for the actual day, so, come back then.I don’t want to go to uniDo you not want to go to uni but maybe you’re too scared to tell your parents? – don’t be. But our advice is – have another plan then! What do you want to do? If it’s an apprenticeship then find one, apply and then you’ll be able to break the news that you don’t want to go to uni but follow it up with ‘but I found this great level 7 apprenticeship’. At the end of the day it’s your life, don’t let the pressure of A Level results day push you in a direction that you don’t want to go.

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