Life changing decision – BUT the right one!

Posted: 19th of December 2013 by Naomi Bourne

Life changing decision – but the right one!
Why you should consider the IT Higher Apprenticeship with Capgemini
by Ryan Smith, current Higher Apprentice

I think it would be fair to start with how I found Capgemini; I was looking for an entry into my career spending numerous hours scanning the internet and resources for the best route into IT I came across the Capgemini Apprenticeships.

After reading up on what was on offer at Capgemini and comparing that to other apprenticeships  available it was apparent to me that this was a once in a life time opportunity where my career wouldn’t just get a nice rolling start but a turbo powered jet engine with one initial downside, it was only available in England.

Currently living in Scotland I had a very serious question to ask myself was this worth uprooting my life for this career?

Lets look at what I had where I lived; I had a job the pay was reasonable, I had a place of my own and my family lived close by so all in all I wasn’t doing badly

What would moving entail, If I got the job; I would have to find a new place to live, leave my family behind and my friends and take a risk on moving job, because lets all be honest it’s always a risk taking on a new job regardless how good it sounds on the cover.

So after a lot of soul searching and weighing up the options I decided it was worth the leap, I filled in the application form and sent it off to Capgemini for review. In a flash i was on a telephone interview, all went well, within a week I was asked to travel some 300 miles for an assessment centre and interview at the Aston office. The rush of excitement was huge but that small fear of what I would find assuming I passed was still there.

I left the assessment centre thinking all went terribly but as you must be aware I passed now working for Capgemini I think it’s time for me to tell you about what I discovered after accepting the position and moving.

My family support me and I get to visit them when I have free time, I find that the visits with them are far more enjoyable and meaningful than seeing them everyday plus we can always talk on the phone.

When you move away you discover who your real friends are and personally I would prefer to have 2 true friends than 100 acquaintances, sure I have lost contact with a few people but as with the family when I do get to visit or when they come to visit me it’s far more enjoyable and meaningful.

Now with my new career, new flat and new friends- yes that’s right new friends, while on boot camp I have met some likeminded and amazing people two of these people are now my flat mates and I wouldn’t change the last 2 months of my life for anything, the experience has been brilliant and I no longer think of Scotland as home, it will always be where I hail from, but we all have to break the shackles of at some point for whatever reason so why not for a career, why wouldn’t you for a career I ask?

For more information and to Apply for the Capgemini Apprenticeship scheme click here

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