Looking At Life Like A Video Game

There are plenty of video games out there based on life. Whether it is something like the SIMS franchise, or a looser, more-action-packed version of existence, such as Grand Theft Auto. Of course, it’s not advisable to really live your life like your favourite video game, but in some ways, just as games are based on life, so life can also be a bit like a video game.

Whether it is college, work, or even your relationships, it is easy to draw a parallel between actually living your real life and playing a video game. In a game, just as in life, you often start off without much in the way of strength, skills. equipment, knowledge, or whatever other thing you need as you go through the game. As you play, your video game character gains experience and skills, just as you, as the player learn the controls of the game.

It is the same with real life; you must play through the early levels before you can move on. This can be seen in various areas of your life, from learning to ride a bike, reading increasingly complex books, or learning to play an instrument, and so on. In each case you need to master the basics before going on to the next level.

As you play a video game and get accustomed to the controls, and things you may have initially found to be difficult become second nature. A video game will show this by allowing you to pull off increasingly complicated moves, tricks, or skills. In life this is how your experience translates across every part of your life. Through practice you can master a skill, whether it is cooking pasta or flying a fighter plane, as well as get better at coping with other areas of life, like relationships.

However, just like in a video game, real life also comes with challenges. These may be anything from exams to an argument with a friend. How you deal with these is up to you, and some of it will depend on how you have been playing the game so far. Your experience may count, so by not studying, for example, you may find you lack what you need to get to the next level. In video game terms your results could be like an end of level boss who needs to be defeated in order for you to progress.

It is often the case that you will face your biggest tests just before you make it through to the next level in life too. In some cases you may need to try again, and in others you might find that you need to try a different technique, or even take a new path. However, don’t forget to use the help that you are given whenever you can.

If you can get advice from someone who is more experienced than you, then you should certainly take it. Just like someone who has already played a game may know where a hidden level is, so someone with experience can save you time, energy, heart-ache, and possibly money when it comes to getting ahead with your own life.

In some ways life is like a video game, and so, while it can seem daunting at times you should remember to keep pushing to get past the testing moments. Oh, and try to enjoy it too!

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