Meet our Apprentices - Kayne

Posted: 18th of January 2018 by Laura Feltz

Meet Kayne our fully qualified apprentice.

Kayne has now completed his apprenticeship with us and is working out in the business alongside our skilled workforce.

He too one day will mentor future apprentices coming into the business and pass on his knowledge to them. We encourage this as part of our programme and think it’s an important part of development after you have completed your programme.

Kayne agrees and below he shares what he learnt over the four year programme.

I chose an apprenticeship because I am a more hands on practical type of person. I also chose to do an apprenticeship because I wanted to get a career under my belt which is a guaranteed trade for life. Also, by doing the apprenticeship you get the best of both worlds because even though you are employed full time, you can still gain further qualifications if you want to and also get extra on the job training from guys what have been doing the same trade for years.

The last four years has helped me massively with my confidence. Before I started with Thames Water I was pretty shy and only spoke to people if they approached me first. Now I’m more confident which helps me professionally because it means that I can interact better in the team and also interact with contractors more openly.

The last four years have also opened up my mind to the amount of opportunities there are within Thames water and the different routes that I can go down when I qualify. I have also gained some key life skills throughout my TW journey that will go on to help me in the future.

By taking the Thames Water journey I have learned that there is no objective or aim that you can’t achieve if you’re willing to try hard enough for and Thames will back you all the way.


Kayne is a great example of what can be achieved when you put your mind to it. What will you be putting your mind to over the coming years?



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