My City Gateway Apprenticeship gave me the confidence to get a job

I found school quite challenging, not because I struggled with the work, but because I didn’t feel I fitted in. The relationship I had with my teachers wasn’t good either, that’s what put me off going to university. Instead, I dropped out of education and got a job at a security firm for a few months and that’s when a friend told me about City Gateway.

City Gateway didn’t feel like school, the teachers respected me and treated me like an adult. It was up to me to get my work done on time. They helped with my schoolwork but were also there to help support me emotionally. I also learnt practical skills like how to write a cover letter and dress for interviews. My confidence grew and after doing my qualifications I entered a competition that meant I needed to do a presentation in front of the managers of RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland), it was scary! I came second and was really happy because I’ve never achieved anything before.

“I’ve learnt how to work as a team, it’s not like school, you have to get along with the person sitting next to you”

Since starting with City Gateway I have been hired and have a perm job. I manage the building and if a tenant has a problem I would be the person they come to. My favourite thing about working here is the teamwork, we are all friends.

What I have gained most from City Gateway is confidence. In the past I was scared to give presentations but recently I gave a presentation in front of 100 people.There are always new things coming along and I’m starting to get the hang of it.

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