A New Career: 'Post Covid-19'

Life has been somewhat confusing over the past 6 months with uncertainty over jobs and the economy as well as the safety of working. If you, like many others, are considering a new career post lockdown due to Covid-19, look no further than Not Going To Uni.


You may be considering a new role within the same sector or a complete change. We currently have hundreds of opportunities ranging from medical roles to finance and banking roles all over the UK. We offer apprenticeships, full-time jobs, traineeships and college courses so there is something for everyone to explore and discover their preferences. If you have lost your job due to the current economic stresses on businesses/companies, this may be the perfect opportunity for you to start something new in a sector you’ve always wanted to be involved in. Discover some really prestigious opportunities with the biggest companies in the UK and really progress your idea of a fulfilling career.


Don’t put pressure on yourself

At a time such as this, please remember we are living in unprecedented times which we, as humans, find it difficult to understand. Looking for a new job during a pandemic can be overwhelming and frustrating, let us help. We have optimised our website to be more user-friendly and ultimately, easier for you to operate. Thousands of opportunities in one place may sound difficult to navigate, but we have a complex search function that allows you to tailor your search to suit you and the roles you’re looking for. Search via sector, level of opportunity, location and company!


Be prepared for a different environment

Like many other things, the interview process may be different to what you’re used to. Companies such as Google have stated all their interviews will be done via Skype/Zoom. Are you prepared for these types of interviews and how will your approach change? You can turn this into a positive, having notes or topics of conversation written out in front of you. You can also write down questions, do research immediately before the interview and of course, be comfortable (smart top half, casual bottom half!).

You may also feel more comfortable operating from your own home and feel less pressure as you’re not in a new place, sitting in front of someone being judged. Use this to your advantage as it may also be easier to express your personality and just be more relaxed in what is usually a stressful situation.

Some companies have changed their stance on working in an office with more flexible hours and working from home being a more favoured approach. This could be testing for some and more suited to others. If you’re one of those people who prefer to work at home, then you should enjoy this! However, if you’re the type of person that prefers to be working in an office and this helps you to concentrate and feel more productive, you may have to implement strategies to help combat working from home. Some of these ideas have been published online such as; not sitting on the sofa to work, wear a suit/what clothes you normally work in, have a structured schedule and find your own motivation day-to-day.


Search for the perfect opportunity

To find your perfect role, please visit the search bar and tailor your search.

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