Planning your summer apprenticeship search

It’s a tricky time for those of you seeking apprenticeships, you have just finished Year 13 and, chances are, your friends going to uni are chilling out over the summer. Having already done their student finance and accommodation applications, it probably feels like they’ve got everything figured out.

So, before we get into the practical elements, we just want to say, remember that everyone is on their own journey and yours will be just as successful. Uni isn’t for everyone and, as the saying goes, make sure you remember why you started. You’re going to secure a great opportunity and have your degree paid for whilst earning! 

Being organised over the summer is going to be key to keeping on top of your apprenticeship applications, interviews and, hopefully, offers! Here are our top tips to make sure you have everything under control.

  1. Schedule weekly time

Have a few hours per day on two different days set out to focus solely on your applications and chasing up employers. You can use the Not Going to Uni site as well as the government website to find opportunities and apply for vacancies. Having weekly time means that you won’t miss any opportunities that have a short application window.

  1. Keep a list

Keep a list of each role you’re applying for. Yes, that’s right… Every single one. You might find it best to do this in a spreadsheet, table in a document or even just in a note on your phone. Doing this will hold you accountable, if you look at the list and there are only two on there, you’ll know that isn’t enough. This should motivate you to get back online and submit more applications!

It will also allow you to follow up with employers if you don’t hear back from them within good time. They won’t mind, just be polite. 

  1. Have weekly updates with someone

This can be a friend, family member or teacher. Anyone who, once a week, you can speak with face to face, on the phone or just by message so they can ask you how many roles you’ve applied to and check in on your progress. Ideally, this could even be someone else looking for an apprenticeship.

This will keep you both accountable, it’s easy to tell yourself you’ve done enough, but it isn’t as easy to tell someone else! 

  1. Seek help if/when you need it

If you have a careers advisor from sixth form or college, speak to them if you are stuck with your application. They will be able to help you (honestly, it’s their job to help you and they’ll love that you’re being proactive by seeking support yourself). If not, you can use the National Career Services’ freephone careers advice line OR speak to another teacher or family member. 

  1. Keep motivated

Hopefully, you will have mechanisms in place to keep yourself motivated. This might be small rewards, following positive pages online or taking part in self care activities. We are all on our own journey and, as long as you put the work into your applications, you will be successful on your apprenticeship search. 

Good luck!

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