Preparing for A Level results day

Regardless of teacher assessments replacing traditional exams this year, we are sure that pre results day nerves are just as apparent as other years. Whether you are planning to go on to university, or complete a degree apprenticeship, being ready for results day will help you to ensure the day is as stress free as possible.

Here are our top tips when it comes to preparing for results day:

Take a charged phone and a list of the numbers you need, this may include your insurance and firm university or the universities that clearing extra service on UCAS has suggested for you. This will allow you to make the phone calls you need in school, where your teachers, tutors and careers advisors will be on hand to support you. We would highly recommend making these calls in school rather than independently at home so that you have support available to you should you need it.

If you are looking at degree apprenticeships as your first choice, having the number ready for the recruitment team there will be equally as important. Unlike universities, they won’t see the grades you have achieved via UCAS so it’s important you call them to confirm the grades you have obtained and confirm your place, or discuss your options with them.

In addition to this, knowing exactly what grades you need for your plan A and plan B will help you on the day. For example, your firm choice on university may require AAA and your insurance choice AAB. By knowing this beforehand, you will be prepared as soon as you open your envelope to see which university will offer you a place. This year has been different from “normal'' years (to say the least!) so you may find that even if you don’t get the grades, there may be contextual places on offer with some universities. This may be for many reasons, such as universities having less international applications as well as less students looking to move away from home.

With degree apprenticeships, it is a good idea to speak with the recruitment team at the employer you have been offered a place with. Ensure you know the minimum grades you need to access the job role you have been offered, as well as what would happen in the situation that you don’t achieve these grades. There may be a solution they can offer you, which will put your mind at ease.

Make sure you know what is happening at your school or college! They will have set hours that you can collect your grades within so ensure you are there to collect within a good time. They will only hand you your envelope, unless you contact them before the day to give permission for someone else to collect for you so, if you are out of the country or unable to collect due to illness, ensure you have advised them off this and made appropriate plans for someone else to collect your results for you. 

The general rule for most institutes is that if you do not collect on the day, they will call you and if there is no response, they will post your grades to your home address. We cannot guarantee this is the process for every institution, so make sure you have checked with yours to ensure you understand how they operate.

Most importantly, results day should be a day for celebration! Despite the lack of exams this year, you have worked hard for your teacher assessments and should be proud of what you have achieved. We would recommend having a plan with friends and/or family for later in the day, once you have collected your results, so that you can have something to look forward to.

It’s also important to remember selfcare in the lead up to results day, it is a stressful time so ensure you are looking after yourself and looking out for signs of stress. If you do feel as though you are becoming overwhelmed, speak to a friend, family member or your support team at college or sixth form for support. They can help you to create routine and structure that can support your wellbeing.

Good luck!

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