Reach your potential in the New Year

The New Year is a great time to set your sights on a new you - to approach the New Year with a positive, go-getter attitude.As a student, it’s the perfect time to make the decision to do your very best and do what needs to be done to reach your potential. Here are just a few simple hints and tips to help you do just that.Get organised in the New YearWith so much going on, it’ll be easy to get yourself in a mess. Invest in some decent notepads, pens, highlighters and folders and set aside just a few minutes every week to sort through these and keep them organised by topic or date – the time spent doing this will pay off in the end.Set yourself remindersUse your technology well – reminders on your phone that tell you when homework and things are due can really help keep you on track and help you avoid the dreaded last minute essay or worse – not handing work in.Get an alarm clock … and set it!Whether you are starting an apprenticeship or study at college or sixth form, nobody is impressed by tardiness. Be punctual if you can’t be early. Make sure that your alarm clock (and that isn’t your Mum!) is set and that you get up when it goes off.Start revising earlyIt's never too soon - the more revision you do - the better you are prepared for exams and the better your results will be. It's not rocket science! Get yourself kitted out with some fun tools to help make revision fun - the physical activity will help you to remember later on.Take notes properly Notes are exactly that – don’t copy down everything word for word that lecturers put on the board or on a PowerPoint – get yourself in the habit of listening, understanding and then writing some keywords and brief notes in your own words. Not only will you understand better, you’ll avoid plagiarising by accident. Do the same with any books that you read.Find a study buddyIt’s so easy to get distracted and leave work till the last minute; get yourself a buddy who will encourage you to get on with work. Two heads are better than one and you’ll find that you help each other out by chatting over homework and things.

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