Reasons To Do An Apprenticeship - Part Two: Skills & Opportunity

Posted: 23rd of July 2015 by Tom Clover

Yesterday, we wrote about the financial benefits of doing an apprenticeship – such as a lack of tuition fees, earning a wage while you learn, and the statistics that show apprentices earn more money on average over the course of their working life than other employees. While money is certainly important when it comes to deciding your next steps, it is not everything. As well as the financial side of taking an apprenticeship, there are factors such as work experience, relevant training, and support while your learn. If you are still unsure about the benefits of taking the apprenticeship path, check out these reasons why you might like to consider it as a real option for your future:


  • Get Real Experience


An apprenticeship gives you the chance to gain relevant on-the-job experience while you train. Training in a real working environment alongside some classroom-based study ensures that you have relevant skills rather than just learning theories – making you more desirable to employers. In fact, amy apprentices land jobs with their apprenticeship providers.


  • Genuine Qualification


An apprenticeship leads to a genuine qualification that is recognised by employers, proving that you are able to do the job you have been training for. This puts you ahead of those who didn’t take the training and went straight into the workplace. The qualification means that employers can feel safe in employing you, secure in the knowledge that you have the skills they need.


  • Support While You Train


An apprenticeship differs from a regular job in the level of support you will receive while you learn. A good apprenticeship will meet your personal requirements and offer support while you learn.


  • Get Some Employee Benefits


Apprentices are able to get the same benefits as regular employees, including paid holidays and other benefits. This will depend on the employer and what they have on offer – but it is worth checking – you may be entitled to discounts to things like gym memberships or even dining out!


  • Set Yourself Up For The Future


With many employers saying that they prefer apprentices with real skills to university graduates who only have classroom skills there has never been a better time to look at apprenticeships as an option. Plus, with a wide range of openings on offer, an apprenticeship may be the perfect way to kick-start your career!


You can search for our current apprenticeship openings here, or check out part one of our Reasons To Do An Apprenticeship, here.

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