The rise in apprenticeships: why are they so appealing?

The rise in apprenticeships: why are they so appealing?With the recent increase in university fees, it’s unsurprising that many professionals are choosing to take a different path into employment. As a result, the popularity of apprenticeships is on the rise, with many opting to learn while they work.Whether you’re a recent school leaver, or you’re looking to change career paths, an apprenticeship could be the gateway to your perfect role. Below we outline seven reasons why these schemes are so appealing.1. Avoid expensive university feesUnfortunately, the rise in university fees has meant that getting a degree is now very costly. By choosing an apprenticeship instead, you can become qualified but also dodge the high fees and repayments. Plus, when you complete the scheme you won’t find yourself left with a large amount of debt.2. Earn while you learnIn fact, taking on an apprenticeship means you will actually be earning while you learn. Though the wages are not as high as if you had a regular job, there is a set apprentice wage that ensures fair pay. Your wages will also increase as you progress through the scheme.3. Get on the job experienceYou’ll not only be learning, but you’ll be working, so you’ll gain real world experience in the role. Unlike studying for a degree or other qualifications, you’ll be doing your role on a daily basis, getting to practise your skills, gaining invaluable on the job experience.4. You get guidance and supportWith an apprenticeship, you’ll receive guidance every step of the way. It’s likely that you’ll do one or two days of study a week and the rest of your time will be spent working. Therefore, you’ll have the support of your tutor or lecturer during your studies and the help of your manager and colleagues while you work.5. Gain important qualificationsYour apprenticeship will allow you to study for a range of globally recognised qualifications. There are a number of different levels that you can achieve, but the various qualifications will be dependent on the industry that you’re working in.6. Make yourself more employableFor many of the reasons above, apprenticeships look great on your CV! They’ll show potential employers that you’re dedicated, that you’ve got on the job experience and that you’ve gained the relevant qualifications as a result. Because of this, an apprenticeship can make you instantly more employable within your chosen industry.7. Progress with the businessThough it is not always the case, many employers will choose to keep you on after your apprenticeship. This means if you’re doing really well in the company and would like to continue progressing with the business, you have the option to stay. Of course, if you’d prefer to look for something new you’ll be equipped with the right skills to do so.In summaryThere are a number of reasons why an apprenticeship is so appealing, particularly if you want to gain new qualifications, but avoid expensive university fees. Gain valuable on the job experience while you study and earn while you learn!This guest blog post was created by CV-Library, the UK's leading independent job board and advertises a range of apprenticeships: from engineering to IT.

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