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Posted: 24th of February 2016 by Nerys Montana

Did you enjoy your Costa coffee this morning?

Did you listen to Taylor Swift's latest?

Do you still have that irrational fear of being abducted by aliens?

Three increasingly unusual questions to ask you, all with the same link...


Yes, the same kind of insurance that you have for your car, flat, holidays, pet and maybe even your smartphone.

You see, insurance is all about managing risk. Any risk. Any time. Any place.

Could be a cyber risk; a climate risk; a construction risk; a political risk; a reputational risk; a sports risk. The list is endless.

Then there are the so-called 'special risks'. Special risks include guitar players' fingers, Ms Swift's legs and coffee tasters' tongues.

The UK insurance sector isn't just more diverse than you thought. It's also very successful.

It has invested well over £1.75 trillion in the stock market and the biggest insurance companies are among the world's biggest in any sector. So, if you want a global, corporate career, look no further.

There are two ways for you to get in to insurance after school or college
- the graduate route or the apprenticeship route.

Apprenticeship numbers have grown by 50% in the last two years. We expect another 20% increase in 2016. There are more technical apprenticeships in insurance than formal graduate scheme places.

You can work in London or anywhere else in the country.

You can work in a large global business or a small, local one.

You can be a trainee broker, where meeting people is a key part of the role.

You can be a claims handler, using your attention to detail to resolve sticky situations.

You can go just as far as a graduate can without the cost of university.

So, who works in insurance?

People like you.

Extroverts. Introverts. Analysts. Problem-solvers. Empathisers. Data geeks. People people.

It's one of the things that makes our sector a fun one to work in.

The CII is the world's biggest network of people who work in insurance and financial services. We have 120,000 members.

We also have a network of 1500 students who want to work in our profession. They are our Discover members who joined the CII for free.

Their membership gives them knowledge and, more importantly, connections with people who work in our sector.

If that's not enough, their membership also gives a range of high street discounts. Where's the risk in that?

Want to join our group? Email discover@cii.co.uk and we'll be in touch.

And next time you have the fear of being taken by extraterrestrials, remember that you're not alone - 30,000 people have taken out alien abduction insurance.

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