The Role of a Personal Trainer

The role of a personal trainer is to support and develop structured training based around their clients’ goals. Another element of their role is to provide advice, by taking a pragmatic and at times a principled approach to help coach a person through lifestyle choices, it is also part of their role to make sure there is a sufficient support network set up to allow these changes to possible. Of course the decision around what is required and what is not for the trainer comes down to their clients’ individual goals, as with all clients the points above will be different. The role of a personal trainer includes testing and retesting individuals to track progress throughout the transformation process, and provide feedback where necessary.

How to become a Personal Trainer

Becoming a personal trainer takes a lot of time and hard work to which you will be pushed for a period of time through a range of assessments. However your qualification and the passing of exams that take a student officially from a fitness instructor to a personal trainer is just the beginning to a career in the fitness industry. A personal trainer needs to know multiple angles of human physiology, periodization of training, correct exercise technique and nutritional strategies. Combining knowledge with practical experience is the key to becoming a top personal trainer. Your course is your driving licence.

Skills you will learn

So once you become a personal trainer you need to start to focus on some key areas with your clients for example:

  • What motivates your client?
  • How do you adapt your programme if the current plan does not work?
  • How do I network myself for success?
  • What is my unique selling point for referrals of clients?
  • How do I want to design my PT Business?

As you can see when we start to look at what is the role of a personal trainer, there is not really a simple answer. However it basically comes down to it’s your job to make sure your client gets the service they require to be able to achieve the goals they wish to achieve. A key factor in successfully achieving this is by being able to use your Interpersonal skills developed through working with the public and building a professional relationship’s with your clients will aid you in being able to carry out successful consultations and fitness testing, to aim in your programme being successful for your clients.


One of the most important parts of being a personal trainer is maintaining your own business. You are going to be responsible for the success of this where you will need to arrange such things as:

  • Business Plans
  • Marketing
  • Accounts
  • Reflection


The world of a personal trainer is a vastly diverse and complex role, however if you spend time getting this right and work hard, you will without a doubt set up a successful career and business, to allow you the flexibility to be the top successful trainer that you can be.

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