Should I do a job I love or one that’s secure and pays well?

Whether you’re looking for a job, wondering which qualifications to take or applying to go to uni, the advice out there is to choose to do something that you feel really passionate about.It’s not bad advice – you are bound to do better at work or at college if you’re really interested in what you’re doing, you’re keen to learn more, gain new skills and if you thoroughly enjoy the whole experience.On the other hand, you may be more motivated by the amount of money you can make from your job and this will influence the career path you take much more than the love of the job you end up doing. This could be simply the way you see things and the importance of earning lots of money may not be just for reasons of greed – you might have to support other members of your family or have debts to pay off or it may just be that it’s the way you’re wired. Earning lots of money in a job you don’t enjoy very much is ok if you have enough spare time to enjoy spending your cash and using it to do the things you DO actually like doing…So it could be a simple case of doing what suits you, your personality and tailoring your financial needs to suit your pay packet. If you opt for doing something you love which is not very well-paid, you have got to think really hard about how you’re going to pay your bills and support yourself, but you’ll have the passion and peace of mind rather than material wealth.If you do a job just for the money, you will have the benefit of a great salary to spend on your interests and stuff when you’re not at work, but can you cope with 8 hours or more a day, five days a week, doing something which bores you rigid?It is possible to do a job you love which pays well as well as offering security and good career prospects, so why not bear this in mind and aim for the best of both worlds when you’re considering your future…

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