Should I Go Straight Out To Work After School Or College?

Leaving school or college can be a liberating experience – especially if you feel you have had enough of studying right now. While some will be keen to continue their journey through academia by heading off to university, others will want a change. If you have had enough of classrooms, or just feel that it is time to earn yourself some money, then the idea of going straight out and getting a job can be appealing. However, before you start sending your C.V. out to prospective employers it is worth considering the pros and cons of going straight into the workplace.

On the plus side you will start earning money. There is something rewarding about earning your first wage, knowing that you have worked hard and been paid for your efforts can make you feel good about yourself. Being rewarded for a job well done by getting your pay at the end of the week or month is a great feeling.

Money is not all that a job offers, as you can also start building up experience of the workplace right away. It is a good idea to find a job aimed at school leavers if you can, since they should also be designed to ease you into the world of work and won’t expect as much of you to start with.

While you won’t have to pay university tuition fees or for things like textbooks, you could instead spend the time building your career from the bottom up. However, if you want to get straight into work, you might also want to consider searching for an apprenticeship. While you may lose out on some of the earnings while you train, you will be in a structured environment designed to set you up with the skills and experience you need for the future,

Of course, going straight into work or taking an apprenticeship may not be for everyone and some people may feel left out if all of their friends are going to university. Plus, there is the risk that you may not find a well-paid job right away.

However, this can be slightly alleviated by checking the vacancies in your area to get an idea of what work is available, while an apprenticeship will often lead straight into a paid job with better prospects than if you had just gone straight out to work.

It is still possible to do some more study later on if you want to, and going out to work need not mean closing the door on further education. Indeed, your employer may pay for training or even sponsor your to do a degree (if it is worth their while too!), and getting some real-life experience will offer you an air of maturity that those who go straight to university may lack.

Choosing between an apprenticeship or university or heading straight out to work will really depend on your own goals. While many more professions no longer need a university degree there are some that still do, while the local job market, and what your friends are doing may also influence your choice.

Ultimately, however, everyone ends up in the same place – looking for a job. It is just a matter of deciding when you want that to happen – right now, or after some more training or study?

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