Statements – they’re personal

Your personal statement is a very important part of the university application process. Course tutors will use this information, along with predicted or actual grades to compare your application with the application of other students. The most important thing to remember about statements is that they’re personalYou will need to write a statement that is up to 4000 characters or 47 lines in length, including spaces and blank lines, and which tells the admissions staff at the university just what makes you the best choice for the course that you are applying for.Never copy someone else’s personal statementAll personal statements are screened using a similarity detection system so do not copy from anyone you know or from online examples.Your Personal Statement should advertise your skills and abilities in the same way that a CV does. This includes your passion and enthusiasm for the subject (minus the usual “I’ve always had a passion for….”, the skills that you have developed that are relevant to your application (being able to juggle isn’t relevant unless you’re applying for a degree course in circus skills) and any achievements, such as Duke of Edinburgh award or, if you’re hoping to get a sports or music scholarship, details of sporting and or musical achievement.As you can imagine, it is very important to write a great personal statement that sells you positively. There are lots of ways in which this can be done:A Few Tips For Your Personal Statement:Go on the university’s website and look at their information on writing personal statements. Often you will find that they have certain criteria they like to see included, so knowing what these are gives you an advantageMake sure you plan your statement first. You will find that you have much more to say than you think, so it is important to organise this information coherentlyBe distinctive. Show your passion for the subject and draw in the reader, for example through a strong opening lineDon’t exaggerate or lie in your personal statementStrike the right chord with style. You don’t want to produce something that you don’t recognise as coming from yourself, but you do need to write for an academic audience and you need to spell check and proof read carefully.

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