Stuck in a Dead-End Job? We Have the Solution, and it Might Just Surprise You…

Bored man

Got a job? Great.

Got a job with prospects? No? Oh dear.

So what’s stopping you leaving and doing something you want to do instead? What’s stopping you from swapping your dead-end job for a real career? Maybe it’s the fear of the unknown, or the thought of possibly having to take a pay cut; whatever it is, we’ve got the facts that willchange your mind…

1. Earn more money, and sooner than you might think

As a full-time IT professional you couldearn on average £42,500, and maybe even more! But you can’t get to that level without getting your foot in the door, and that’s where QA Apprenticeships comes in.

QA Apprentices earn up to £250 per week in a dedicated IT or technical role.Yes, it’s possible you may be earning more than that now,but the important thing to think about is how much youcouldbe earning later!

94% of QA Apprentices go on to full-time positions with higher earning potential. So not only are you starting off with a highly competitive apprenticeship salary (up to double the National Minimum Apprenticeship wage), but you’re likely to earn more than you ever would have because you’ve started your career in one of the biggest industries in the world.

2. A QA Apprenticeship is not like school“I have gained so many skills since starting my apprenticeship, not just from QA but from my employer too. Everything I’ve learned in the training I have needed in the workplace. Toby Jackson, Software Development Apprentice

“I havegained so many skillssince starting my apprenticeship, not just from QA but from my employer too. Everything I’ve learned in the training I have needed in the workplace.”Toby Jackson,Software DevelopmentApprentice

An apprenticeship is all about learning, but you’re not stuck in a classroom for months on end, learning lots of different subjects that you don’t enjoy.

QA Apprentices focus on the subjects theydowant to learn about, and the majority of the apprenticeship is based at the workplace. QA Apprentices will always be learning ‘on the job’ and often will work on a variety of projects to help broaden their knowledge and experience.

There are short blocks of class-based training spread throughout the year and everything you learn during training will be put to use almost immediately in your day-to-day role. Our employers are keen to see you succeed in your IT career, and some even offer additional trainingalongside your apprenticeship to support and guide you.

3.Limitless opportunities"I made the right choice to do an college peers are only going onto their second year of university, and I’m the IT Manager only two years into my career workingone of the most prestigious courier companies in London!” Joshua Uwadiae, IT Systems and Networking Apprentice

“I made the right choice to do an apprenticeship…my college peers are only going onto their second year of university, and I’m theIT Manager only two years into my careerJoshua Uwadiae, formerIT Systems and NetworkingApprentice

Does your job havea barrier stopping you fromdeveloping your skills and progressing to higher responsibilities? Maybe it’s time to think about a route that can give you real career progression.

As a QA apprentice, you will be starting at ground level but there is a very good reason for that. You will be gaining the essential skills and knowledge needed to kick-start a very bright career. The opportunities open to you at the end of your apprenticeship will be far more than if you stay in a job that has no prospects and little chance of skills development.

4. Personal development – better yourself“I think I have grown as person, I’ve seen what it’s like to be in a professional environment and I have developed my skills such as communication. Even in things like writing emails, understanding the language you need to use or dealing with different situations, I feel I have learned a lot.” Roberta Baah, IT Systems and Networking Apprentice

“I thinkI have grown as a person, I’ve seen what it’s like to be in a professional environment and…I feel I have learned a lot.”Roberta Baah,IT Systems and NetworkingApprentice

Whilelearning new skills is exciting and vital to any future career, an apprenticeship also offers you the chance to develop your personal skills and increase your confidence in the world of business.

Simple things like communication, time management and interpersonal skills are all crucial to being successful in your career, and an apprenticeship with QA can help to develop these and more.

5.Afraid ofleaving the job you know?It’s worth the investment…

Sticking with what you know will always feel like the safer option, but it doesn’t necessarily make it the right one. Taking that first step to change your future is actually quite easy. All you have to do is fill in your details on ourapplication formand you will have taken the first step towards an amazing career with QA Apprenticeships.

If you think you’re in a job with no future,call us on0345 074 7825to speak to one of our apprenticeships team.

We’re hiring for hundreds of apprenticeship jobs right now.Use our vacancy search to find jobs near you andstart your career with QA Apprenticeships.

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