Student Style Tips For Winter

Fashion changes from season to season, and yet as a student you may not have the money to keep up with every trend. But that does not mean that you have to get left behind, it just means that you need to prioritize and work out where you put your funds. However, it is also about thinking about your style, and those items that will speak about you every day.

While you can change your top each day there are other items in the student ‘wardrobe’ that will stick with you a little longer. Firstly, there is your bag. You may not really have given it much thought, but your bag is with you every day. Not only does it have to be suitable to do the job of carrying your books and other items around all day, but it also needs to be versatile when it comes to style.

Your bag should be strong and comfortable to carry, especially if you are to carry a lot of heavy items in it. A backpack worn over both shoulders is the best option for your physique. Your bag is there to do a job, but that doesn’t mean you can’t think with style too. Think about the colour and design of the bag, is it something that you want to carry with you every day? Remember, your bag may have to last you all year (or longer), so make sure it will last through the seasons – both in style and against the weather!

After your bag, it is time to think about your coat. This is something that you will wear a lot. It covers your other clothes and, if you just have one, it can be something that you are associated with. The style you choose is up to you, but it is best to go with something practical and timeless. Some will want a leather jacket, while others will go for something waterproof with a fleece lining. If you choose well, your coat can last you years, allowing you to save money on buying a replacement later. Like your bag, your coat needs to be practical and in a style that you are happy to wear over the rest of your outfit – often!

While your coat may be something that you want to spend some money on, not all of your clothes need to be expensive, and you can stay in style on a budget by shopping smartly. Look for sales and discounts on items that you want, and check online as well as in the shops to see if you can find the same things cheaper, rather than making those high-street impulse buys.

When it comes to style, think about accessories rather than outfits to save some money. Could you use an accessory to add some new life to your wardrobe?

Adding a few extra touches to your outfit, such as a hat or scarf can change or add a twist to your style quickly, which is especially useful in winter, when you are going to be wrapped up under your coat for months!

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