Studying? Get A Part-Time Job This Christmas

After a term of hard study you are probably looking forward to a break over Christmas so, when people ask you what you are going to do over the holidays, you are probably thinking about relaxing with your family and friends, taking some time off, eating mince pies, and watching some festive TV. You have earnt your break (you have, haven’t you?) and you are looking forward to a few weeks with your feet up. But you might want to think about getting some part-time work over the holidays – and it’s not all about the money either. Here are a few reasons to think about doing a job over the holidays.

  • Cash!

The first thing is that you will earn some money by heading out to work – and who doesn’t want a few extra pounds in their pocket at this time of year? You may have seen the blog about budgeting over Christmas already – but earning some extra cash certainly makes everything that bit easier – besides it’s harder to spend it if you’re at work!

  • Get Some Work Experience

OK, so the sort of job you are likely to be doing over the Christmas holidays may not be in line with your career goals, but it can still be useful for experience for your future. Even if the job is not in line with your dream role, it can still let you show that you are dependable, punctual, and have a good work-ethic. You may even learn some more general skills that you can take forward with you too. Of course, you can always look for some work experience later, but why not see what’s on offer right now – especially with a lot of businesses needing extra staff at this time of year.

  • Improve Your C.V.

This ties in with getting some work experience, and while there are ways to write a C.V. when you have no experience, it is much easier when you have at least something you can put down. Even some part-time work in a local shop creates a better impression than nothing at all. You may think that you have plenty of time before you need to start worrying about your C.V. – but as a certain supermarket says, every little helps!

  • Get Out Of The House

The Christmas holidays always start off nicely, as you are surrounded by your family. Your parents may take a few extra days off work, and of course, your little brother or sister will be about too. However, after a few days together you may start to crave a reason to get away from it all. Being able to say, “right, I am off to work” will get you out of the house interacting with other people, or just having a few moments away from it all!

Getting some work over Christmas is a good way to boost your money at this expensive time of year, as well as offering you some cheeky work experience. However, you are far from the only person who may be looking for some part-time work at this time of year, so you’ll need to move fast if you want to land a job before they are all taken!

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