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Posted: 8th of July 2015 by Anonymous

Ever considered having a pizza delivered by drone? 

Or harvesting humidity in the air to produce drinking water? 

Or what about fuelling driverless cars using banana peel? 

One thing’s for sure, the world we’re living in is rapidly changing, with careers you never knew existed on the horizon. 

Join Talent Source Network and explore the exciting prospects and challenging careers in the ever evolving and innovative energy and utility sector. With information on traineeships, apprenticeships, job opportunites and more - get prepared for the future today!

At Talent Source Network we know that making a career choice can often be confusing, complicated and overwhelming, which is why we’ve developed a unique professional network specifically for the energy and utilities sector. 

Our Network is crammed full of exclusive careers information and exciting opportunities available at your fingertips.  It offers you the chance to connect directly with employers, gain privileged access to training and careers information as well as giving you the opportunity to look for immediate vacancies. 

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Join our Network and showcase your transferable skills to leading industry experts, catch up with colleagues and keep up to date with the latest industry information all in one place. 

No matter what stage you’re at in your career, Talent Source Network can help you plan for your next career move.  So whether you’ve just left school, are looking to retrain or know Uni isn’t for you, search our careers database.  It’s bursting with high quality job profiles just waiting for you to find your perfect career in the energy and utilities sector. 

Find out what it's like to work as a power apprentice in the energy and utility sector :


Don’t just make a living, make the world we live in.  Find out more about Talent Source Network at www.talentsourcenetwork.co.uk. or request an invitation to join by clicking here


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