Top 5 pieces of car tech hitting streets by 2020

After the recent Detroit and Frankfurt motor shows, it is clear to see that vehicle manufacturers are working hard to advance automotive technology.

Many of these technologies are a way off, but others are just around the corner, or even entering showrooms right now.

But what automotive technologies will go from science fiction, to factory fitted in just the next 5 years? Here are 5 of the most advanced car technologies we’ll see in the Automotive Industry by 2020.

1. Autonomous vehicles — Not fully autonomous vehicles though. Why? Because it is likely to take much more than half a decade before a vehicle will be able to drive itself at all times, without someone at the controls.

2. Driver over-ride — This is similar to driverless tech, but it’s different because in this case, the car commands and makes its own decisions even though there is a driver behind the wheel. Cars already emergency stop without us touching the brakes, but by 2020 cars will be able to apply the brakes even if the driver is accelerating.

3. Biometric access — we’ve seen the move from keys to keyless entry and keyless start but expect this to switch to key-fob-less entry and start. A driver will have the ability to unlock and start a car with a fingerprint (or maybe with their eyes). Sounds like Apple iPhone’s unlocking system? That’s right, because the idea is the same.

4. Active windscreen displays — Head-Up Display (HUD) most common in gaming technology is creeping through also - by 2020 we’ll see active glass capable of projecting sharp and distinctive visuals in front of the driver. Directions, speedometers, alerts, media players, that are actually visible without the driver need to take their eyes off the road.

5. Controllable body work — The hatchback and estate car is seeing increased demand for more efficiency and without affective the ‘fun-factor’ of driving. Imagine a family estate car with lightweight body panels and advanced motors that retract the roof and side glass into the lower body panels. Making it extra aero-dynamic and efficient at speed, but really enjoyable to drive. Win win!

But what’s the catch? It’s all good creating this incredibly complex technology – but someone has to be there work on these cars when issues arise. That could be you.

Now is the time to consider being part of one of the most advanced industries in the world. Visit to find out more about careers in the automotive industry.

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