Top Five Ways To Improve Your Memory

With exams coming up, many of you might be wondering, can you improve your memory? Let’s take a look at the top five ways to improve your memory.It would be pretty handy after all, if you could fit more information in and if you could commit stuff to memory more easily.Neuroplasticity refers to the potential that the brain has to reorganize by creating new neural pathways. The video below explains neuroplasticity. The question is, can you do anything to improve the neuroplasticity of your brain?Brain training appsThere are lots of brain training apps available for use. Whether or not these apps actually work to improve memory is debatable, although, it certainly isn’t going to hurt.Let’s take a look at the top five ways to improve your memorySleepMake sure that you actually get enough sleep. The average teenager needs between 9 and 9 ½ hours’ sleep a night. Do you regularly get this? If not, then your memory might not be as good as it could be. Try to avoid your mobile phone and computer screens before sleep too, as there is evidence that the light from these is not good for a healthy night’s sleep.ExerciseIt really doesn’t take very much and it is up to you what time of day is a good time. Many swear by exercise in the morning for two reasons; it can help clear the cobwebs and make you mentally alert for the day and secondly, some argue that working your muscles in the morning means that they keep working throughout the day, so you get more exercise for your time. Keeping fit doesn’t have to cost a fortune either.Switch offIt’s pretty good advice to work hard when you need to, but also to switch off. This might sound a bit ‘all or nothing’ but you will need some proper down time. This will not only allow you to relax properly, but it will also allow your brain to recover from all that hard work of learning and revising.Have a laughLaughing is really good for us – don’t ask me why; it probably releases certain chemicals or something. Laughing makes us feel good though right? So, whether you put on your favourite comedian’s DVD or get together with friends for a giggle – make time for laughter.Eat wellTry to eat properly. This means, don’t skip meals and don’t eat junk food. Try to get lots of omega3 in your diet (by eating nuts and oily fish) and try to eat plenty of fresh fruit, salad and vegetables. In short, try to fill yourself with foods for your brain.So, can you improve your memory – yes, if you exercise your brain, rest your brain sometimes and eat well, for more exam advice check out our blog.

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