Top tips for results day

Whether you're picking upA-level or GCSE results this year. Make sure that you’re ready for the day with our top tips!Top Tips for Results Day
Take the contact number with you for the university departments for both your firm offer and your insurance choice. If you narrowly miss out on grades you might need to call them.
Top up your mobile and make sure it’s fully charged. You’ll be calling lots of people to celebrate or commiserate and that means you’ll need lots of credit.
Take a copy of your personal statement with you in case you need it.
As you’ll be in school on results day, try and arrange to have someone at home next to a computer in case you need to check clearing websites or the UCAS site in a rush. It’s a mad day for UCAS too, so be prepared for their website to be very slow or to crash altogether occasionally…
Picking up GCSE resultsMost sixth forms and colleges have a requirement for level 3 courses, which is normally 4 or 5 GCSES at grade A* - C including English and maths.If you don’t get these then you’ll need to speak to someone at school about your options, which might include taking a course at level 2 before you can move on to a level 3 programme. If your sixth form doesn’t offer this as an option then contact your local college of FE – they will have advisers on hand to talk you through the process and tell you what courses that they can offer you.What to do if you don’t get your English or maths at grade A* - CEnglish and maths are core skills which everybody needs, not just for further study, but for employment also. If you don’t get a grade C minimum in one or both of these then you will need to retake. Sometimes you can do this at the same time as studying for a course. If you miss the grade by just a few marks, it might be worth getting a remark. To do this, you need to find your teacher who will help you to arrange this with the exams department.Picking up A-level resultsWhat to do if you don’t get the results that you need for universityChances are you’ll know already if you have or haven’t got into university from UCAS tracker service. If you haven’t checked this when you get your results then do so because often students are horrified by their results only to find that they have been accepted anyway.If you haven’t been accepted onto the course that you applied for, you will need to go through clearing to find another course. See page X for an outline of the clearing process.What to do if you get better results than you were expectingWell done! You might want to change your application at this point, maybe there was another course or university that you had liked the look of but hadn’t applied for because you were unsure what your grades were going to be like – now you can go through a process called adjustment if you want to. You can find out all about clearing and adjustment in the NGtU Results Day Guide out early August…watch this space.If you have any questions on results day you can contact one of our advisers for some support.Thinking of doing an apprenticeship after your GCSEs or A Levels?An apprenticeship can be a great way of starting your career and finding the right apprenticeship for you can really set you on the right path to a promising life in employment.

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