Trainee Managers Opportunities Nationwide

Posted: 31st of July 2014 by Mara

£18,000 Nationally

£23,000 London (dependent on location)

One-year programme


Being a Trainee Manager at Sainsbury’s is a really rewarding first step into retail. We want you to develop into a management role in the future. So for your first 12 months, you’ll benefit from a structured development programme with fantastic training, support and learning opportunities.

It’s exactly what you need at the beginning of your career – enough support to help you along, enough pace to keep you progressing. By the end of your first year, you could be running your own department, which means earning a great salary too.

This is what makes Sainsbury’s really different. We’re a big organisation but we really take care of, and develop, our people too. What’s more, our size adds variety too, so your first department manager role could even be in a non-food area like Clothing, Entertainment or General Merchandise. Whatever you’re passionate about, you’ll find it here.

In the future, there are so many different ways to fulfil your potential. Our retail operation is made up more than 1,000 stores and over 160,000 people already work for Sainsbury’s. So you can imagine the breadth of possibilities. If you have the ambition to keep moving up, the next challenge is never far away.

It’s all a far cry from the alternative - three years at university. Real responsibility. A real job. Learning in the workplace and being part of a team. The Scheme is open to all and your background or experience are not important. What interests us more is what you can achieve in the future.

You need at least two A-Levels or equivalent, but it's not necessarily your academic qualifications that set you apart. You’ll stand out because you're keen to impress. You're unfazed by long hours and big challenges - instead, you'll love the idea of being involved when there's so much going on.

If you want to get involved, take a look at Sainsbury’s Trainee Managers Programme. It’s fast, it’s full of opportunity, it’s for people who don’t want to wait before they get on in life. Is it for you? Visit to find out more. 

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