Turning Your Hobby Into A Career

Surely it is everybody’s dream to have a career they love – a job that they look forward to doing every day – it would be a bit like getting paid to do a hobby or something else that you love. It may be music, writing, or working with animals, but how do you make this dream into a reality? Is it really possible to do what you love and get paid for it? The fact that there are people out there doing exactly that shows that you can. Of course how you go about making your dream come true will depend on exactly what that dream is. Some careers may require certain training and qualifications, while others may need you to rise up the ranks or even look to set up your own business. But, whatever it is you want to do, you don’t have ot wait to get started – in fact we recommend you don’t!

Your dream may not materialise overnight and may take some hard work or study to achieve, so it is worth adding a little realism to your thinking while you look to turn your hobby into a career. ‘Do what you love’ is a well-worn mantra, but it needs a touch of reality to make it work – so don’t expect to succeed straight away. That said, while you keep moving forward you are heading towards your goal – however slowly that may seem at times.

The key is in continually trying to improve yourself and learning more about the career or field you want to get into. Read books by experts and those who have already achieved what you want to – use them as a mentor as you continue to push forwards. A mentor can come in different forms – from in-person to virtual or in books.

As you continue to practice your hobby your knowledge and skills should keep improving, in effect giving you experience and expertise that could be used in your career. You will also be able to show how dedicated you are to your chosen career – after all it is not just work for you – it could almost be a whole lifestyle!

Reading books, checking out relevant TV programmes or podcasts and doing some online research will all help but you may also need to look into qualifications. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you need to follow a set route, however. For example, many careers that previously required a university degree are now available as apprenticeships (you can search apprenticeship opportunities in your area right here on NotGoingtoUni).

Qualifications are one thing, but you might also want to get some real work experience – in which case you could consider volunteering or taking an internship. Not only is this an opportunity to see what your dream job is like in reality, but will also offer experience and a chance to network. Who knows, you may even impress enough to land yourself a job!

Making your hobby into a career may take some work and a slice of luck, but the real benefit is that you can enjoy the journey as much as the destination since you should still be doing something you love even as you work to turn it into a career!

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