Understanding Your First Job in 2020

The news that fewer people have been taking Saturday jobs – instead choosing to prioritise their studies – is both welcome and unwelcome news. Obviously, the idea of studying and learning is an important part of developing as an adult, and helpful to future careers, the particular benefits the first ever job can bring could help you will stand you in good stead for your whole working life. Plus, you have more of a say in that organisation than you might think.

CIM have recently hosted events detailing the concerns of young marketers and time and time again the same concerns have been raised, with two appearing more times than others; that they need to have more help in their career and that it feels that they have no say in the business.

Career concerns will always be at the top of the list, especially in a marketing sector that is currently booming, but those first-time workers worried about their impact on their organisations should relax a little, you have the skills to make an impact.

Marketing has a skills gaps that needs addressing

As marketing has grown across the whole business function, there is an increasing gap between senior marketers with strategic skills, and junior level employees tend to have more skills in social media, digital channels and modern trends. There is always a conversation to be had about how your skills can benefit the department.

Where there is a gap in your own skillset, training courses are a good way of plugging the gap. Once again, this is a way of showing direction in your place of work and, with marketing at least, it is a responsible method of bringing new ideas to your company.

On a wider level, it is an industry crying out for new ideas and new journeys. There will always be diplomatic ways to make your voice heard, but it’s important to realise that your fresh eyes can give your new company so many benefits. Marketing wants your voice to be heard.

There are wider skills to learn

Most importantly, your first will give you a blueprint of how to succeed, even if you decide fairly early that you won’t be there forever.

On a surface level, your first job is a chance to get in to the routine of turning up on time, dealing with instructions, finding your way around a mass of people and showing your skills off to managers are all unavoidable parts of whatever job or career you enter in to.

Beyond that, dealing with office politics and the tough aspects of the everyday environment, finding a solution for that and prioritising what is really important to you are skills that, the earlier you learn them, the more well equipped you will be as you move, hopefully, up the career ladder.

And, on a personal note, working in a large environment offers you a chance to see how other teams work, liaise around the business and find out what you want to do. Even if it’s not the career for you, chances are you will find some of the tasks you like doing and an inkling of what you really want to do next.

It isn’t just the office

Whilst it is tempting to talk about things from the perspective of an office environment, other sectors teach you the transferable skills that you’ll need to thrive in the workplace.

Retail workers learn the value of dealing with customers – itself a very highly valued skill in the marketing community – whilst manual labourers learn about structure and working as a team. Ultimately, there is no role for which you cannot take away some insight or teaching that will serve you well in any career.

Ultimately, it’s about you

For those embarking on their working life, perhaps taking an entry level position at a large company, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, invisible and just a part of a large machine. There’s no denying that, in some companies, the culture veers towards the authoritarianism, and any company will be slightly resistant to change, but it’s important to make your voice heard on the things that can make your place of work better. Whether you’re a marketer or not, your work life is what you make it, and you’ll be surprised who is willing to listen.

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