Is university a huge waste of time and money?

It is of course true that if you are planning on becoming a doctor or a professor for example then studying at university for a degree or beyond is a given. As a medical or dental practitioner you can expect to earn pretty good money and job prospects are good. What about if you want to work in some other area of employment though?The question is, do you need a degree? Should employers be asking for a degree and, will your expected earnings make the cost of going to university, which has ballooned worth it?

Have we, in the UK become a nation of young people who simply ‘go with the flow’, believing that the obvious route after school or college is into university, regardless of the career that we want to enter?

Is there a certain amount of snobbery at play here? Have we become a nation who thinks that we need a degree based on the belief that many jobs are beneath us? Karel Capek wrote a play in 1920, called Rossum’s Universal Robots, which introduced the word robot to our vocabulary. The play revolves around the creation of robots to undertake all the jobs that we humans feel are too menial for us to do. Needless to say – it goes horribly wrong.

University students disatisfied

More than a third of students surveyed stated that they didn’t think that there degree offered value for money. Is accruing debts of over £50,000 really worth it if you end up doing a job which pays very little, or worse still, you end up qualified to do a job which is in decline?

One question has to be whether it is ethically acceptable for universities or colleges for that matter to market courses to young people which labour market information shows us are not likely to result in full time employment at the end of it or does this amount to an unacceptable commodification of young people?

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