Want to do a degree in Selfies?

Just when you thought you have mastered the art of a perfect selfie you find that there is an actual course being taught at university that’s completely dedicated to the selfie. No I am not joking, it’s actually true. If you want to do a degree in selfies you’ll have to go to America.In case you were wondering, the word selfie is a self-portrait taken usually through a smartphone or webcam which is later shared through social media. Most selfies are taken at arm’s length or pointed at a mirror to show one’s reflection.Through popular culture there is no way of getting away from the word selfie which won Oxford dictionaries international word of the year for 2013, had a number one hit single from American duo the Chain-smokers with the song #selfie and also became officially accepted in 2014 in the word game scrabble. Not to mention the likes of Bradley Cooper also getting involved with the popular trend by taking the most talked about and retweeted Oscar selfie in 2014.Therefore it goes without saying that there is a course out there that you can study to understand why the word selfie is so popular within society. The University of Southern California teaches selfie class which explores society's influence on self-identity as well as selfies' reflection of contemporary global culture.Whether you think it’s strangely unusual to have a class based on self portrait of oneself within society it can more or less be viewed as self-autobiographies or auto ethnographies it is more about being aware of the conventions in society.

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