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Making career decisions, balancing work/studies, and sitting exams can be daunting, but with the Kaplan Learn Better Podcast you can be prepared to succeed in both your studies and career.

In development since March this year, Kaplan’s Learn Better podcast was created with students in mind. It offers study tips, wellbeing advice and the latest career trends.

Much research has gone into each theme and guest, featuring a combination of people who work for Kaplan and those outside – working in companies around the world. From an Oxford University Professor, to a sleep doctor from California, to an accountant entrepreneur in Colombia.

Episode themes

Hosted by Kaplan’s Head of Learning, Stuart Pedly-Smith, series 1 covers:

  1. University vs Apprenticeships “Which route?”
  2. What to do in the 24hrs leading up to an exam
  3. Diversity in Accountancy
  4. What part does sustainability play in accounting?
  5. Why Accountancy continues to be important
  6. Sleep and study: How to make it work for you
  7. The Digital Skills Gap: New career opportunities
  8. Well being in your studies
  9. Accountancy around the world
  10. AI in Accountancy

Let's take a deeper look into some of these episodes and their key topics.

University vs Apprenticeships “Which route?”

This episode looks at where the job market is going, the difference in learning experiences, and how apprenticeships have become a genuine alternative to University.

From practical application, to freedom of exploration, and the importance of money to personal development, you will learn the key questions you must ask yourself to decide what route is right for you.

“People feel like they have to know what they want to be...it’s okay not to know that at this point, it's okay to find that out as we go.” - Jenny Pelling, Apprenticeships Partnerships Director

Diversity in Accountancy

Together Stuart and guest Alice Olafare, Co-found of New Gen Accountants (NGA), explore what diversity is, why it is important within the accounting profession, and how to champion it and give longevity to the movements that have taken place over the past year.

Alice shares her experiences, the challenges diverse candidates may face, the resources they can lean on for support, and the benefits of a diverse workforce for everyone.

“Never underestimate your ability to have influence” - Alice Olafare, Co-founder of New Gen Accountants

Sleep and study: How to make it work for you

Featuring guest Dr Nishi Bhopal, Psychiatrist and Sleep Specialist, this episode helps to explain how fundamental sleep is to your mental health and how we learn.

Sharing top tips on how to get the best night's sleep, Dr Bhopal points out how obsessing over the amount of sleep you get can actually have a further negative impact on your mental health and your amount of sleep. Explaining that although sleep should be a priority, you need to listen to your body rather than focusing on a specific time.

“It’s really hard to improve your depression and anxiety, reduce stress levels and of course optimise learning without adequate sleep.” Dr Nishi Bhopal, Psychiatrist and Sleep Specialist,

Accountancy around the world

In this episode Stuart is joined by Alex Swift, Insurance Director at R5 and former accountancy student, who helps highlight the opportunities available abroad as well as sharing his own journey to Columbia.

Alex provides advice on what you need to think about before making the move abroad and how to pursue a career once in another country.

“An accounting qualification can be a stepping stone to wherever you want it to be.” Alex Swift, Insurance Director at R5

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