What is an apprenticeship?

Finishing school is a big thing. You feel you need to make some important decisions about what you want to do next. It’s not always about the grades you get.

There are actually more options than just going to college or sixth form when you leave school. Apprenticeships are one way to expand your horizons after you leave school. You get to earn money as you study towards a qualification, as well as getting experience in a job.

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship allows you to combine work experience with on-the-job training online or classroom-based learning. Typically starting in a junior position, an apprentice gains important skills and insights that eventually leads to them completing a qualification in a specific area, such as business admin, or accounting.

Apprenticeships are more popular since university fees went up. An apprentice earns a wage whilst they work and study, and gives them valuable work experience which can put them ahead of other school leavers.

How does an apprenticeship work?

A company decides they want to find a new talented person they want to train up. They work with a training provider such as Babington to find an ideal candidate. The company employs the apprentice and the training provider delivers the training needed for the apprentice to complete the qualification.

You’ll split your time between your workplace and your training, typically spending 20% of your working time on your qualification. This is called off-the-job learning. Depending on the apprenticeship you go for, you may spend your off-the-job learning in a classroom, or do your learning through an online platform like BabingtonOnline.

What kinds of apprenticeships are there?

There are many apprenticeships to choose from, such as accounting, leadership and management, customer service, and digital marketing. Choosing a career to follow isn’t always easy, but an apprenticeship is a great way to get hands-on experience. You can build on your transferable skills and knowledge of the workplace and put everything you’ve learned from your qualification into action.

Earn whilst you learn

The best thing about being an apprentice is that you get to earn a wage whilst you work towards your qualification. If you’re 16 to 19 (and in your first year of your apprenticeship, regardless of age) you’ll earn £3.70 an hour. After your first year you will be paid the national minimum wage for your age group.

You’ll be getting valuable work experience, and even a year’s experience puts you further ahead then people who have only done a basic qualification. You’ll also be earning more than students who work part time, so you can become financially independent straight away.

You also won’t have to worry about paying any tuition fees or student loans back, so when you finish your apprenticeship, there’s no debt. If you’re interested in doing a degree, there are many degree apprenticeships available.

Find a great employer and career

Employers who take on a apprentice are invested in helping them to grow, so may look to put you onto the next level apprenticeship when you’ve completed your current qualification.

When you feel that an employer values you and your skills, you’ll feel invested in the workplace and will be able to see the difference you make as an apprentice. By the time your peers have graduated university, you’ll have several years of relevant work experience behind you. Employers will look on your experience very favourably, and often go for experience over pure qualifications.

How would I find an apprenticeship?

You can find an apprenticeship through your local job board, or through sites such as this one. Or you can go to a training provider like Babington directly and we can help find you a great employer and role you’ll love.

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