What To Do On The Day Of Your Exams

It’s exam season – and while there is plenty of advice out there to help you with revision in the run-up to your exams, there’s very little covering the day itself and how best to cope with the stress of it all.

Of course, you should have done the best that you could to prepare – which means all those revision tips like re-writing your notes, making flash cards, and doing past papers - but, despite how much (or because of how little) you revised, chances are you will still feel nervous as you wake up and head to your exam.

You will want to prepare yourself properly so that you can do your best in the exam – and that means making sure you are all set on the day itself. Here are some tips to get you ready and help you cope on the day of the exam itself:

  • Wake Up!

You don’t want to wake up late and find yourself rushing to get some breakfast and grab your stuff ahead of the exam itself. Being in a rush is no way to prepare, so wake up a bit earlier than usual so you have plenty of time to get ready (this might mean going to bed a nit earlier the night before too, as you don’t want to be tired!). There has been plenty of research into sleep and teens over the years

, but basically make sure you get enough for you.

  • Check The Details

Double check to make sure you have got the right time and venue for the exam. It’s important to know where you are supposed to be, and when! Don’t take any chances – just check.

  • Breakfast

Like a car, you are only going to work if you have the right fuel inside. Make sure you have a healthy balanced breakfast before you leave for the exam. Don’t eat anything that will leave you feeling lethargic (so maybe not that supersized fried breakfast!). Check out healthy eating tips for teens if you need some extra advice!

  • Got Everything?

Really you should have packed your stuff the night before, so as to cut down the rush in the morning (the same goes for working out what you are going to wear). However, it is always worth double-checking your bag before you go.

  • Leave Early

Washed, dressed, breakfast eaten, and all details and equipment checked, it is time to get going. Give yourself extra time to get to where you need to go just in case there is an unexpected hold up on your journey – you definitely don’t want to be late, and the exam won’t wait for you!

  • Avoid The Panic

There may be people panicking about the exam or maybe bragging about how little / much they have revised. Avoid them – they are no good for you right now. You need to stay focused and relaxed – why not try some confidence boosting techniques instead?

  • Toilet?

Make sure you head to the toilet before going into the exam – you may have to be there for a few hours, and you don’t want to have to rush out or get distracted by needing to go! You might even find that the bathroom is a quiet place where you can calm yourself before going into the exam…

Check back tomorrow when we will be looking at what to do in the exam itself!

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