What does being a Not Going To Uni ambassador mean?

An ambassador is essentially somebody who represents, speaks for, or advertises a particular organisation, group of people, activity, or brand; in this case Not Going To Uni. 

We currently have 45 ambassadors who work with our Ambassador Manager to advertise and educate people on what our company does and also the values and beliefs behind us. We believe in raising awareness of the alternatives to university and educating students on what other routes they can take. All of our ambassadors strongly believe in this too and are passionate about sharing this message with others.

We are sure you have all heard of the large companies such as Nike, RedBull, LuLulemon and many others who have successful ambassador programs. However, every company is slightly different in the way they operate and spread their message effectively through their ambassadors, have a read below to find out more about exactly how our program works and how you can apply to become part of the team.

What does our ambassador program involve?

Our program involves each individual ambassador creating content for us in the form of a blog, Instagram Reel, TikTok, Instagram Stories, Instagram Live Interview and more. The content created in these forms always discusses different tips and tricks, experiences and life journeys from each ambassador. 

Throughout our program there are many opportunities to attend events both in-person and virtually, allowing our ambassadors to have their say on various different industry topics and also to share their journey to help inspire others.

We run a loyalty scheme as part of our program; in which every piece of content is worth points, which turn into pounds every quarter in the form of a voucher. 

What experience do you need to become an ambassador?

To become an ambassador you don’t actually need any experience in content creating or blog writing etc. We will provide you with guidance and top tips on how to create the content we are looking for. All we ask is that you are passionate about alternatives to university (including apprenticeships, entry level jobs, volunteering, work experience, gap years etc) and that you have carried out some form of alternative route throughout your career journey. It is also a great benefit if you are interested in content creation and building up a social following.

What do you need to do to become an ambassador?

To become an ambassador all you need to do is email our Ambassador Manager, Laura, using the email ambassadors@notgoingtouni.co.uk. Laura will then be able to start the onboarding process with you and get you fully enrolled.

Hear from some of our current ambassadors… 

Have a read below to hear what some of our current ambassadors have to say about being involved with our program…

I love being an ambassador at Not Going To Uni due to all the amazing opportunities I get to partake in, such as hosting at a careers fair and working with some amazing organisations. I have met so many like-minded people through the scheme, from ambassadors to members of the team. It’s always a great time with them! - Anuhska Suman - Vodafone Data Analyst Apprentice

Being an ambassador gives you the ability to educate the next generation of our future. Before I started, I didn’t realise the full potential of an apprenticeship, but after seeing all the ambassadors also expressing the same it made me realise that I’m not alone! Without NGTU, I probably wouldn’t have that! - Jamie Matthews - Engineering Apprentice at Jacobs

Not Going to Uni is a fantastic organisation and I am proud to be an ambassador. Being an ambassador has given me so many great opportunities to help young people to make informed decisions about their future and raise awareness for the alternative routes to university. It has also enabled me to develop individually, network and develop so many invaluable skills. - Amy Watt- Digital Marketing Apprentice at Google

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