What I have learnt in my apprenticeship

In reality - being an apprentice can be an absolute whirlwind, but there are many ways in which you can make it easier for yourself.

1) Listen - the key to most things, is being able to listen and take in what you need. Everyone working with you is there with a brain full of knowledge, so learn from them all!

2) Compromise - education and full time work is a stress, but when you finish, imagine the possibilities without a student loan! Having time for yourself, your social life, your work life and everything else in-between is a stretch in a 24 hour day, but by planning well it can be done.

3) Ask questions - ask questions and always be willing to learn. Everybody knows you might not know how to do it, or if you know it all - so before jumping in the deep and being worried, ask questions!

4) Be outgoing - even if that doesn’t mean saying hello to every new person and asking everything, letting yourself be known and expressing yourself, your hobbies and your ambitions, this let’s your employees get to know you & your future endeavours.

5) Enjoy - something that you never realise, is the amount you learn and the amount of time you spend doing stuff you enjoy. Remember you can still go on holidays and save for a house, but don’t forget to enjoy your experience!

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