What is publishing?

Lots of people still think that book publishing is quite an old fashioned industry and that it’s only really for people who are good at English, for book-worms, for people who love books! Although at least liking books probably helps, publishing today is a very broad industry, covering all sorts of career opportunities, for all sorts of people with all sorts of different skills!

There are three main types of publishing, so, first of all let's look at:

Trade or Consumer publishing

Imagine if in your future career, you could be the person whose job it is to ‘find’ the next best seller, another Twilight or Alex Rider series, or should I say another great writer such as Stephanie Meyer or Anthony Horowitz? Imagine if you could work with new writers, perhaps on their first book – helping them bring their ideas to life. Or perhaps work with celebrities on their life-stories, their autobiographies?

‘Trade’ publishing covers fiction, and non-fiction Children’s books, YA (or Young Adult books) and of course Adult books (and apps). This includes novels and picture books, biographies, cookery, travel and art books, colouring books, poetry and what you might think as ‘gift’ books (children’s annuals, beautiful ‘coffee- table’ books as well as the funny, gimmicky books that you often see in the shops at Christmas time!). The Trade sector is big, but it’s only the tip of the publishing ice-berg!

Let’s now think about the books, web-sites and apps that you use at school:

Educational publishing

Imagine if you could……..be part of the team that designs really good text-books. I’m sure you have all got lots of ideas as to how the books and on-line resources you are using in the class-room and for revision could be made to be more interesting and perhaps more fun! And I’d also like you to consider for a moment this last idea up here: helping ensure all children get the educational resources they need and deserve. The British publishing industry plays a very important role in creating class-room material for children across the world – and there are people whose job it is to deal with the specific requirements of children living in the Caribbean and to sell books out there.

It’s worth remembering that the ‘Educational’ sector covers the ‘ learning to read’ schemes that you will have all worked you way through at primary and junior school as well as the text books and study guides that you are using now. Educational publishers publish material for schools and colleges and, as you will all well know it’s increasingly about e-learning resources which can get quite tech-y.

Academic, Professional and Learning publishing

And finally, imagine if you could be at the cutting edge of ground-breaking research, and ensuring that students, scholars and scientists across the world can access it. If you could help create the essential reference products that professional need….and by the way, work in one of the most innovative and exciting digital markets.

This is the world of Academic, Professional and Learning Publishing, which serves specialists in their fields (scientists, medics, lawyers, accountants…..the aero-nautical industry, you name it!). This is where cutting-edge research is published; the research that will one day cure cancer. You would be publishing the work of the world’s most brilliant minds and it’s a very exciting and dynamic sector to work in. Tomorrow we'll have a look at what kinds of jobs are available in each part of publishing...

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