What time of year can I start an apprenticeship?

You might well be interested in doing an apprenticeship but you might also not be sure about how to apply for an apprenticeship or indeed when to apply or when you can start an apprenticeship.Even though many people will begin their apprenticeship in September because this is the time that the programme begins through the learning provider, such as a college of FE; there is actually no set time of the year when apprenticeships start in the same way that a school year begins at a particular time.An apprenticeship is a job and so much depends on when an opportunity becomes available. It is always a good idea to start researching an applying early however, particularly for apprenticeships which are very popular.Obviously you can’t start an apprenticeship whilst you are still in full time education but there is nothing to stop you from applying for an apprenticeship that begins in September in March for example; however, do be aware that if the apprenticeship that you apply for has specific entry requirements then you may not be accepted on programme until you have achieved these.In March, National Apprenticeship Week takes place and at this time lots of employers commit to offering apprenticeships. You also tend to see an increase in advertising of vacancies.Once you have decided that you definitely want to do an apprenticeship it’s time to decide what kind of apprenticeship you want to do, what level of apprenticeship is right for you and where you want to do your apprenticeship. This will probably be in a location close to home so that you don’t have to travel too far to work. You can search by sector type, start date and by location on our vacancies search page. This should help you to find exactly what you are looking for. There are companies all over offering apprenticeships and what you will find is that certain sectors are represented better in some regions than in others

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