What's Your Superpower?

Posted: 27th of February 2017 by Nerys Montana



With National Apprenticeship Week just around the corner, Babington Group are on a mission to help people find their superpower with their #ApprenticeshipHeroes campaign.

With so many career options, choosing the right career path can be tricky. That’s why they have created a short quiz, with outcomes based on your personality, the decisions you make, and what inspires you!

Based on your results and the roles that would interest you, you will be linked with one of five superheroes.



Silver Tongue

Silver Tongue always leaves a strong first impression. In fact, his sales pitches are so good that some might say he can read your mind. He regularly abuses this power to get free ice creams and huge discounts at River Island. 

Silver Tongue has historically used his quick wit to convince villains that they’d be better off relaxing and taking a holiday, rather than taking over the world.



Adrena-Lynne is the most practical superhero of them all – if something’s broken, she’ll be there to make sure it’s fixed. It appears as though she can be in two or more places simultaneously. One woman reported that Lynne turned up to cut her rowdy son’s hair at 5pm, while another man reported that she was fixing his leaky pipe at the same time.

Adrena-Lynne is extremely active, and finds it difficult to understand why people are always sitting down – particularly in offices.


Brother Nature

Brother Nature can’t go out to pick up some milk without someone hugging him and saying ‘if only everybody was as nice as you, the world would be a better place’.

Brother Nature is remarkably composed under pressure, and has incredible listening skills – meaning he can hear a crime being committed forty miles away. Brother Nature is very reluctant to use his remarkable strength to fight enemies, and instead relies on reasoning skills and benevolent disposition. How could you punch that face?


Dr. Data

Dr. Data first noticed her incredible ability to predict the future at school. Many of her maths teachers quit through frustration, as they were not able to complete a question without Dr. Data giving the answer. She is also the youngest recorded stock market tycoon, at the age of just 12.

When bankers fear that they have turned the market upside down, they turn to Dr. Data – who strolls in with her supreme financial knowledge and fixes the issue in minutes, saving the world from financial turmoil.


Captain Creative

Captain Creative is a curious individual, obsessed with newness and adventure – which is satisfied by his ability to fly anywhere in the world. He is able to fill the blandest and most derelict cities with colourful murals within seconds, before shooting off to his next creative expedition.

Captain Creative spends most evenings browsing fashion magazines, creating new recipes, writing on his blog, and painting on a 12-foot canvas all at the same time.

He also tweets and uploads selfies to Instagram. A lot.


Find out which superhero most fits with your personality with this quiz, which will also suggest roles to suit you.

On the page, you will also find out how to enter a prize draw for an Amazon Echo worth £150 – a prize that Batman would be proud of! Just tweet your superpower to #ApprenticeshipHeroes, and keep up with Babington’s heroics over Apprenticeship Week through the hashtag.


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