Which subject will get you a job?

Whether you’re considering a Higher Degree, Foundation Degree, higher level Certificate / Diploma, HND or HNC, all of which will lead to you being classed as a graduate, you want to know that your investment will pay off. So, which subjects come top of the list? — Here’s the lowdown on which subjects have the highest employment rates and the best pay.

According to the office of national statistics and the AAT / CEBR report into university education, graduates from STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) are more likely to be employed six months after graduating than graduates of other subjects.

Within STEM subjects, those who do Degrees that are linked to a profession are more likely to be employed.

The top three STEM subjects leading to employment are:MedicineEngineeringComputer Science

In 2013 there were 12 million graduates in the UK and nearly half of those who were in employment were working in non-graduate roles (those not requiring knowledge and skills developed through HE)

Some stats…

UK employment rate by subjectThe top five subjects that lead to good pay:MedicineEngineeringPhysical / Environmental SciencesArchitectureMaths and Computer Science

Interestingly, female graduates still have an average gross hourly wage that is lower than males with males averaging £17 ph whilst females average £14 ph. One answer as to why this is may lie in the following chart, which shows the percentage of male graduates for those subjects which lead to better pay.

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