Why Businesses Need Apprentices

In these times of financial uncertainty businesses need to hedge their bets and make reliable business decisions; and for many businesses apprenticeships are the answer. Below, The Source Skills Academy runs through some of the advantages to businesses of taking on an apprentice and how they tick some key boxes for many companies who are looking to expand or to invest in the future:

Apprenticeships Are Cheap

An apprenticeship costs businesses significantly less than a fully qualified member of staff would do – especially if is in a technical industry like web design or engineering. With wage bills being one of the biggest concerns for most companies financially this is a big plus if they are looking to expand; especially in the current economic climate.

A Career, Not Just a Job

Apprenticeships are a long term investment which is great news for businesses looking to expand. If someone commits to an apprenticeship it is unlikely that they will leave after a short tenure, making it a great way to maintain staff levels and provide stability to the workforce. Apprentices who have been with the company for a long time have the chance to work their way up through management, ensuring that their knowledge and the values of the company run through it from shop floor to executive level.

Business need a workforce that isn’t going to be constantly turning over to increase stability in the company, this also means that the executives don’t need to worry about the next generation of executives or be constantly in the job market.

Minds free for moulding

Apprenticeships want to learn new skills and acquire tools for their industry which gives businesses an excellent opportunity to teach methodology. This is especially true in industries such as digital marketing or mechanics where companies often have unique ways of doing things.

For a business to be able to teach these practices from scratch without having to undo any prejudices or overcome obstacles from previous employers both saves time and improves productivity.

Dedication, Dedication, Dedication

Taking an apprentice from a young age and giving them a skillset, a job and a career is a sure fire way to instill them with a sense of loyalty to the company. This loyalty will in turn create dedication to the role and help them push themselves to develop their career and the business.

With several apprentices on board this can create a very powerful, dedicated workforce any company would be envious of. Companies rely on their workforce to be successful and creating a driven, dedicated and loyal workforce via apprenticeships is the easiest way to create success.

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