Why a Career In The Property Sector Is A Safe Option

Although the covid-19 pandemic has unsettled just about every industry, pursuing a career in the property sector in the UK is still a safe option. When you talk about a career in the property industry, what comes to mind for most people is an estate agent. But there’s more. 

The UK property industry offers multiple career options for people who are keen on more than an office job. Property professionals can work for individuals, investment companies, surveying firms or ‘sell house fast’ firms Ready Steady Sell among others. 

Career Options in the Property Sector

There are several career options you can curve out in the property industry as a graduate in the UK. While some are popular others are not. Here are some of the career options graduates can take up in the property industry in the UK:

  • Surveyors. As a chartered surveyor, your work is to make sure your client gets the most value out of their property. Some of the clients that you may work for as a surveyor include property or landowners, we buy any property firms, individuals or investment management groups that are interested in investing in a property. While property surveyors will be based in the office, they spend more time out visiting property sites. 
  • Planners. Planners equally play a crucial role in the UK property industry by making decisions about how we use the space around us. It is planners who decide how many hospitals, houses, shops or schools we need and where they should be situated. Planners play a key role in balancing the needs of the population while at the same time protecting the environment as well as especially historical buildings. The job of a planner will vary depending on the client. Just like surveyors, planners much be chartered by a professional body. 
  • Estate Agents. This is perhaps the most common career in the property industry. Estate agents help people to buy or sell the property. As an estate agent, you could choose to specialize in the kind of property you deal in. To practice as an estate agent, you must ensure you have the right accreditation and comply with the industry standards. Most importantly, you need stellar customer service, marketing and networking skills. 
  • Property Manager. Property managers help investors who’d rather not manage their property directly to take care of their investment. As a property manager, you are in charge of both the physical as well as the financial welfare of the property. 

Advantage of Pursuing a Career in the Property Industry

There are many reasons to choose a career in the UK property industry. A career in the property industry can be rewarding if you are a hardworking and ambitious professional. Some of the advantages of careers in the property industry include the following:

  • Reasonable work-life balance

As a professional in the property industry, you’ll mostly have the liberty of setting your schedule. You set your work hours hence you determine how little or much you need to work to get the job done. This means you can spend time with your friends and family in between property viewing by clients. 

  • You’re a key decision-maker

If you don’t like the idea of having a boss who will tell you where you need to be and what you should be doing, you may want to consider working for we buy any property firms as a surveyor or property manager, where you get to make grand decisions. You have the discretion to decide the areas you need to focus on as well as the properties you can buy. You’re the chief decision-maker. 

  • You don’t have to sit at your desk for hours on end. 

The exciting thing about UK property industry careers is that while you may have quite a bit of paperwork to do at the office, much of the work you will be doing will be away from the desk, and it’s great for someone who doesn’t fit the 9-5 mold. You will certainly love it if you love being on the go. 

It is never too late to take up a career in the UK property industry, you just need to identify a career path where you will thrive. You will do well to evaluate your strengths to determine a career that suits you best. This will also determine where it is that you will be working. You could work as an independent consultant or partner with some of the leading we buy any property firms to kick start your career in the property industry today. 


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