Why choose an apprenticeship? five reasons

​There are plenty of good reasons why you might choose to start your career on an apprenticeship - Here are five reasons to choose an apprenticeship.Reason one: the moneyAs an apprentice you will be paid a wage. The minimum wage for an apprentice at the moment is £3.30 per hour. This may not sound like a lot but many employers pay more than the minimum wage and remember that an apprenticeship is not the same as a full time job. You will not be expected to know everything; you will be supported by industry experts and professionals to develop your skills on the job.Reason two: no debtWhile your friends are building up debt at university through tuition fees and the costs of living, you will complete your apprenticeship and be debt free, which has got to feel good. Anything you earn after this is going to go into your pocket and not go to paying off your loans.Reason three: Skills - human capitalHuman capital refers to your store of knowledge, skills and abilities. Some of these of course come from qualifications that you have achieved; however, there is a lot to be said for the additional human capital that is gained through doing an apprenticeship.Reason four: get goingAnother reason for choosing an apprenticeship is that you can get going on your chosen career, rather than jumping in at a later point (say 3 years) when you’ve finished your degree. For many people this is appealing – they’re excited about the job that they want to do and they just want to get on with it.Reason five: relevant training and qualificationsWhen you are an apprentice then you know that your employer is going to teach you the stuff that you need to know to do the job. Also, if you are doing an apprenticeship in a profession that requires certain professional qualifications then you will often be given the opportunity to gain these while you are an apprentice, rather than studying for a qualification and then having to complete a further professional qualification before you can do the job.

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