Why do we love being scared?

Horror movies are always popular and Halloween sees them in droves on all major TV channels – there’s even a whole channel dedicated to Horror. Some say that it’s because when the bad character cops it we enjoy watching, others that it’s a chemical thing - the main hormone released whilst watching scary films is dopamine and it turns out some people may get more of a kick from this dopamine response than others do.Anyhow, here are some movie ideas for Halloween – not all scary!Shaun of the Dead

Simon Pegg tries desperately to win his girlfriend back whilst fending off the living dead.

Classic Quote

Ed: “Don’t forget to kill Philip”


A gun toting tough guy, two sisters and a shy teenager join forces to protect against a zombie breakout.

Classic quote

Columbus: “I avoided people like they were zombies before they were all zombies. Now that they are all zombies... I kinda miss people.”

The Descent

An all-girl caving trip goes horribly wrong when they become trapped underground, hunted by hideous creatures.

Rebecca: [while Sarah is looking through the camera, with night vision on] “oh, fuck it! Hello!”

Juno: “Please!”

Rebecca:” Is there anybody there!”

Beth: “Hello?”

[Sarah points the camera at Beth, Crawler behind her]

Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Two SWAT team members, a reporter and his TV executive girlfriend seek refuge in a shopping mall from an epidemic of zombies.

Classic quote

Francine Parker: “What the hell are they?”

Peter: “They're us, that's all, when there's no more room in hell.”

The Shining

A family staying in an isolated hotel in the winter suffer the effects of an evil presence – Jack Nicholson terrifies

Classic quote

Jack Torrance: “Heeere's Johnny!”

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