Why it’s time to get into marketing

Posted: 20th of May 2019 by megan@notgoingtouni.co.uk

Marketing is vital to modern business, and it’s open to offers

There were nearly one million marketing professionals registered in the UK at the end of 2018, and its popularity is built on adapting and resisting. For the many unsure of their first step on the career ladder, marketing can provide entry level positions a penthouse view of the business world. If you haven’t considered a career in marketing before, here are some of the reasons why you should.

Marketing welcomes all applicants

Prospective marketers hunting for jobs are lucky enough to be faced with more choice than ever before. Importantly, there is a skills gap that the tech savvy younger generation are primed to close.

As the marketing sector adjusts to the digital revolution sweeping through all industries, its biggest players understand the importance of augmenting their workforce with candidates who offer new (often tech-related) skills. Research by Target Internet in association with CIM revealed that junior marketers are well tuned to digital technology, something senior marketers struggle with.

In return for making themselves great places to work, businesses want candidates who understand the continuously evolving nature of marketing today. That means the door is not just limited to university graduates. Professional marketing qualifications offered by organisations such as CIM are tailored to meet industry demand for new skills and are a good indicator of desire to enter the marketing profession.

Importantly, marketing remains a door open to graduates and non-graduates alike. In both instances, CIM can provide the springboard to upskilling for the marketing industry.

Marketing is too broad to get bored

As marketing has come to sit more broadly across the business landscape, new disciplines have emerged, and technology means it’s changing as we speak.

In an industry still getting used to digital, marketing communications have changed with the introduction of mobile phones, wireless technology and, ultimately, the internet. But traditional marketing still stands alongside digital as part of the overall package.

So, if you’re a numbers expert, you can look to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). If you’re a writer who likes research, content marketing could be an avenue for you. If you’re social, events and community-building continue to be an important part of the marketing mix. People will always be part of marketing, and the field offers a broad range of opportunities to show your skills and learn new ones.

Marketing involves more than you might think

The digital world has given marketing new relevance and a broad scope, with digital advertising increasing whilst big brands are still getting behind traditional media. Yet, it’s worth going over, in more detail, the other aspects that make it an interesting profession that consistently attracts people with diverse, and often conflicting, interests.

As marketing aligns itself more and more with the customer, the psychological aspects of the profession have become more prominent. As the customer journey becomes more complex, businesses are now seeking for the ‘why’ instead of the ‘how’ and ‘what’. Those with an interest in customer psychology have found it an interesting career.

As we have touched on, those comfortable with numbers and figures will always have a place in an industry that relies heavily on ROI and analysis. Digital technology, heavily reliant on showing return on investment, has meant more attention has been paid to facts and figures in recent times.

As always, marketing will provide outlets for creativity and, in an age of enhanced ad saturation, it’s creativity that brands are calling out for most.

Marketing is getting more mainstream

Well, perhaps it’s better to say that it’s getting more prestigious. Marketing was once known as the ‘colouring in’ department, but its broad scope has changed that perception as it becomes increasingly represented in boardroom discussions.

Technological innovations have also changed the relationship between business leaders and their marketing teams. Because it is the marketing department that looks after customer relationships, the importance of marketers has never been more widely recognised.

Routes to entry

Do you want more information on whether marketing’s right for you? Find out how you can find your future in the profession, with more information on the routes into the industry and the skills required, on our website.

If you need no more convincing, view the latest marketing vacancies on our dedicated site, CIM Marketing Jobs.

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