Why Take An Apprenticeship?

Posted: 30th of December 2016 by Tom Clover

An apprenticeship is like a job in many ways – you will get paid, you will have responsibility, and you will have work to do. But it is also different in that you will get trained and work towards a qualification at the same time. There are no tuition fees to worry about, and most apprentices go on to work in their chosen field once they qualify. An apprenticeship can open doors for you and are available in a wide range of industries and professions. From fashion to finance an apprenticeship can set your career up as well as allowing you to meet people on the inside from day one. These are just some of the benefits of taking an apprenticeship – but why else might you want to take one?


  • Workplace Skills


A lot of employers complain that young people aren’t ‘ready for work,’ but an apprenticeship can teach you the basic core workplace skills that you need to make it anywhere. These include things such as time management, how to act in the workplace, respect for others, taking ownership for your own work, and making sure you are on time! These skills may be things you began to develop in school but they take on even greater importance in the workplace and are applicable in pretty much any job or career!


  • Specific Job Skills


It isn’t just about learning these basic core skills, as an apprenticeship will also teach you what you need to know for a specific role. Whether this is website design or working as a gas engineer will obviously depend on what career you choose, but you will get to learn what you need on-the-job in a structured manner with the help of an expert (or experts). Rather than just being thrown in at the deep end, the best apprenticeships allow you to gain confidence and the skills you need as you progress.


  • Taking Responsibility


You are not just responsible for your own performance, but as an apprentice you will get an idea as to how your work impacts others – whether they are members of your team, customers, clients, or colleagues from other departments. As you learn these responsibilities will increase until you are able to deal with larger and more complex tasks. Getting training and guidance will help make this journey smoother – and an apprenticeship offers you just that.


  • Genuine Work Experience


As you learn you will also be gaining genuine work experience in the industry you wish to work in. You not only get the chance to learn your own role, but many apprenticeships offer you the chance to see what others are doing too. This can offer you a great overall view of how a company operates while also giving you genuine experience that you can take with you into a job interview!


  • Support


While you can learn on the job in full-time employment an apprenticeship offers far more support to get you started. Whether that is your assessor or your manager, they will be able to answer questions without expecting you to know everything right away. It will be recognised that you are there to learn (while doing a job at the same time), so it is worth trying to set up a regular meeting with your boss to check how you are doing. This support can make the whole process of moving from school or college into work a lot easier.


  • Looking Ahead


Your apprenticeship can lead to employment with the company you trained with (they didn’t spend all that money teaching you for nothing!) or even allow you to go on to more training or even studying for a degree. Your apprenticeship may well show you your dream career, but even if that isn’t the case you will have a wealth of experience and a qualification to prove it – and nobody can take that away from you.


Mixing specialised knowledge with general work (and life) skills, an apprenticeship could be just the move you need to get ahead. Plus, with more apprenticeships available than ever before there is no better time to consider becoming an apprentice!


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