Why You Should Be Grateful

When things don’t go right it is easy to feel down. You may wonder ‘why me?’ and feel that everything is turning against you. Whether it is a failed test or exam, not landing the job you wanted, or getting passed over for promotion, there will be setbacks in your personal and professional life. In a world where we are all so focused on results and goals it can feel devastating when things unravel and don’t go to plan. It is only natural to feel low when bad things happen, but sometimes these bad things can turn out to be a blessing in disguise. While you never know what is around the next corner it takes strength to push through the hard times, but by doing so you will grow, mature, and become stronger. It takes pressure to make a diamond.

However, when things are going wrong it can be tough to pick yourself up and move forward, especially if you feel like you have been dealt an unfair hand. Sure, if you failed your test because you didn’t study, you only have yourself to blame, but when something seems to go wrong for no good reason or you seem to be running hard and getting nowhere, it takes a little bit more to help you keep going. Maintaining your confidence will ceertanly help you overcome such setbacks, but it si salso worth seeking out some positive news to lift your spirits too.

As people we are hard-wired to notice danger – useful if you are being tracked by a lion or pack of wolves – but not always useful in your everyday life. This is why the newspapers are so full of bad news – it is what draws your eye, selling papers, and making money for the media. There is plenty of good news out there, but we need to work harder to find it.

The same can be said for your own life. Even when you feel that there is nothing left to smile about, you should try to find something to be grateful for. It could be your friends or family that you feel grateful for, or it could just be the fact that the sun is shining, or that you live in a wonderful place. Whatever you can find to inspire you will surely help you as you push forward to turn your dreams into reality.

Looking at the good things in your life, and feeling grateful for them, will help to turn your outlook to a more positive stance. All too often people only find out what they should be have appreciated when it is too late, while others only realise the importance of gratitude after tragedy strikes.

Staying positive and sharing your blessings will surely bring more good things to you. This may sound like some deep philosophical point, but actually it is pretty simple. Let’s put it this way, who would you rather spend time with, the grateful positive person, or someone who is negative and can’t see the good in anything?

There is one person who you spend more time with than anyone else – yourself. So be grateful for the good things, enjoy the moments that are great, and like yourself despite your faults and failings. You are unique, one-of-a-kind and wonderful in your own way – just like a snowflake whose pattern will never be repeated.

Find something today that you can be grateful for and give it some thought – it could lift your mood, and by extension, your future.

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