Why you should do a ski season

Posted: 5th of July 2017 by Anonymous

*Insert inspirational quote here* ... “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” “Not all those who wander are lost.” Etc. etc.

Okay it’s pretty obvious; we all know why people might not want to go full throttle into the real world straight after spending the first 18+ years of their lives in education. Or why people might want a break from the daily grind having spent most of their life chained to a 9-5 office life. Going travelling is great, to some it might just be gallivanting from country to country partying, and doing the odd mountain trek. But for others it might truly change their outlook and open their mind to not limiting themselves when making life’s big choices or settling for the ordinary.

At first glance a ski season job could be seen as work, ski, (party) sleep repeat. And that would be a fair assumption. But just like how travelling can be an experience beyond holidaying in lots of places to some, don’t underestimate what a ski season could mean for you.It’s almost like being given a new identity. An opportunity to meet people as just you - no preconception, no prejudice. The only thing people can really judge you on is your 360 or how well you bake a cake. Why is it any different to moving anywhere new? Well everyone is in the same boat in a ski resort. And it’s a bit of a bubble - away from the ‘real’ world (in a good way.)

You can seriously develop your talents –whether that’s in the kitchen, customer service, problem solving… the list is endless! Not forgetting slopes skills of course! Still have any doubts?


“I have never skied”

Reckon 5-6 months is long enough to learn? If you have the right attitude this is the perfect opportunity to not only learn but master the hobby. We (and most companies should) offer lessons and support from other staff to ensure you can get going.

“I am too old”

One of our most valued team members is going onto his 18th season. He is 52 years old and loved by our staff and guests alike. Next question.

“I can’t cook”

Like with skiing if you have the right attitude and want to learn, there is no reason you can’t get a job involving cooking. Equally if you have no desire to be anywhere near an oven there are an abundance of roles in a resort from finance, to driving, to guest hosting.

“It’s a waste of time”

According to The Leap (2013) 88% of gap yearer’s thought it had increased their employability. People who have completed a gap year are more likely to graduate with a first or 2.1 than people who go straight to uni. More often than not one season just isn’t enough for an individual, but that doesn’t mean lack of ambition. All of our overseas Resort & Area Managers and a good portion of our Head Office staff started as a humble Chalet Host, including Directors!

“I’m not the right kind of person”

See top paragraphs. Ski seasons have moved very far from the 1980’s when they were limited to a select fortunate few. You meet people from all walks of life in ski resorts nowadays. Unlike with travelling where you might need to work for a year to save money prior, with a ski season you get a salary, and can expect pretty much everything from accommodation, lift passes and food provided. People are even known to save money on their season (if you avoid the mountain lunches!)

We are fortunate as a company to be able to place people in a choice of 18 resorts in Europe and North America so whether you are a 1st season beginner skier or a party loving powder hound we will find the perfect match. We are also an independent company and still wholly run by the skier who formed us 35 years ago – meaning we’ve kept the strong values we started with, which of course reflects massively in our staff.
(Get paid to) Live in a snowy paradise for 6 months, meet some lifelong pals - even make work contacts or progress a career in the ski industry. Not bad hey?

Remember YOU are your only limit and if it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you! Oh look at us with the motivational quotes. It must be the mountain air…

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