Will A Degree Make You Employable?

Lots of people assume that if they go to university, study hard, and get a degree, then they will graduate and go straight into well paid work that will last them a lifetime. The question is; will a degree make you employable?It’s totally understandable that young people start university filled with excitement both about their studies and about the career possibilities that will open up to them when they graduate. Will gaining a Degree get you a job though?The report published last year by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) revealed that in the UK more people are getting qualified and gaining degrees than ever before. However, it also revealed that unlike in other nations, like Finland, the increase in people getting qualifications is not matched by an increase in the skills that people have, particularly in literacy and numeracy — vital skills in the work place.So, what does all of this mean?It means that getting a degree doesn’t necessarily make you employableThe Chief Executive of Universities UK, Nicola Dandridge has said that “HE can have a role in developing students in key areas of employability through strong links with employers and offering work placements” and many more companies are investing in apprentices so that they can develop their own employable work force and with employers stating that they want young employees with work skills the advantages of apprenticeships and of gaining professional experience through on the job training is incredibly valuable.So, will getting a degree make you employable?Not necessarily is the answer. There are some fantastic degree courses out there, with great links to industry and many students are opting for four-year sandwich courses, which include a year in industry, but you should never assume that doing any old degree, anywhere will guarantee you employment success.

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