Work experience – Finding Virtual Work Experience

Work experience is a great thing to do but how do you go about finding a placement?  In the next three blogs, I will be looking at finding virtual experience, looking at companies by sector and the importance of volunteering.

Online work experience has really come into its own during the Covid 19 pandemic.  Who would have thought, just 18 months ago, that you could access online placements in a variety of sectors? Of course, it doesn’t beat the real thing, but it’s certainly a lot better than not doing it at all.

However, the downside is that you may not be able to find online opportunities in the sector that interests you.  I hope that this blog helps you find something that you are keen on (or you want to try something different).

You can explore a selection of programmes on the Virtual Work Experience page.

Other free online programmes include:

Barclays Life Skills: 

It is aimed at all ages but there is a specific area for young people which focuses on your strengths, skills, interests and personality traits - and how to develop them further to support your future.  You need to be 14+ to use the interactive tools, watch films and take part in other activities.

Cyber Discovery:

Cyber Discovery, is a free online extracurricular programme which opens a window into the world of cyber security.  It allows you to become an agent for the virtual ‘Cyber Protection Agency,’ where you will stop criminal gangs who are using their cyber skills to do damage online!

Halliday Fraser Munro:

If you’re interested in architecture and design and you want to find out more about working in this world, you can take part in two online work experiences:

  • The Design work experience
  • The Technical work experience

Both tasks can be completed at home with no time restrictions

Hunter Bevan:

Or if you were hoping to do a placement in a design studio or marketing agency you may be interested in opportunities from Hunter Bevan. They are offering downloadable marketing and design briefs for you to work on and send your ideas to Hunter Bevan for feedback. You might even feature on their website.

The Forage:

The Forage offers virtual opportunities that replicate work at a range of top companies and connects students to the companies themselves.  In only 5-6 hours, learn relevant tools and skills necessary to complete tasks that employees have to complete during the working day.

National Cyber Security Centre:

A government initiative offering advice, resources and opportunities for schools and students interested in cybersecurity.

Speakers for Schools:

A programme that enables a wide range of employers to deliver meaningful online work experience to young people wherever they live.

The Lawyer Portal:

Maybe you’re considering going into law via an apprenticeship? If so, you can find out what life at a law firm might be like from the comfort of your own home.

Youth Employment UK:

An online programme helping you to explore what careers are out there, how to get into different types of jobs and how you can build the skills employers are looking for.

I hope that some of the sites listed above will help you with your work experience search. I have no control over the content of external sites so please be aware that they may have updated their content since this blog was published. Good luck!

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