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Who Are Not Going To Uni?

About UsNot Going To Uni was founded in 2008 and has captured the imagination of not only students, but parents, teachers and career advisors.We are now the UK's leading websitededicated to helping school & college leavers make informed decisions about their future by showing the opportunities that exist outside of the traditional university route. These can include apprenticeships, degree apprenticeships, gap years, traineeships and jobs.

5 Reasons Culinary School Might be the Perfect Alternative to University

About LeithsOver the years, Leiths has trained over 4,000 creative, individual, passionate food professionals. We’ve seen them progress from their first, nail-biting day on the Diploma to confidently presenting television shows and managing restaurant chains.1. You love food! Consider yourself a foodie, but didn’t see your passion fitting into your idea of a career? Studying at Leiths will not only elevate your cooking skills to an expert standard, but your love of food will intensify.

How Transferable Skills Can Help Your Career

What are transferable skills?Transferable skills are those skills that an individual can apply to adapt to a new job role or setting. When applying for apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships, transferable skills really aid an employer’s decision, especially for school leavers, as candidates may not have that breadth of work experience expected in later careers.What benefits can transferable skills bring?Transferable skills can bring several benefits to employers, including:

A Degree Apprentices' Story - Niamh Mulhall

At age 16, I was happy with my GCSE results and pleased that I had got into Sixth Form, but I was still unsure about the prospect of university. Throughout school, I knew that having a degree would increase employability so I chose to study Business, Spanish, Maths and Psychology at A-Level as I thought this broad range of subjects would increase my options. However, after a year whilst studying A-Levels, I decided it wasn’t the right path for me as I did not enjoy the teaching style or the exams and the idea of going to university became more blurred.Leaving School

Meet the young people fighting to make the planet a better place

Temperatures are gettingwarmer,sea levels are getting higher and news headlines are looking bleaker. There is no doubt that as young people, we will have to live with the damage caused by previous generations.

However, we can make our voices heard.Active citizensare not known for sitting around and doing nothing about it. This month, we speak to four volunteers who have taken that extra step to make a positive difference for our planet – and why they think it’s important.

Turning bread into beer to tackle food waste

7 Ways to Stay Focused During Exam Season

You’ve got your revision plan and the content you need to study. You’ve got your methods sorted and you’re raring to go. When exam season hits, it’s wonderful to have all of this in place; but what is just as important, if not more important, is remaining focused during exam season. It would be a huge shame to do all of the groundwork and then lose focus at the most crucial stage.

Here are Pearson College London’s 7 ways to stay focused during exam season…

1. Find a quiet place