E.g., 10/01/2020
E.g., 10/01/2020

How To Help Students Make Decisions About Their Career

Welcome to the fourth blog in the partnership between Not Going to Uni and Diosa Coaching. Today i am going to focus on partners, teachers, career advisers and guardians – anyone who is in a position where you have influence over young people’s decision making!

It’s a tough role to be in – you have unlimited opportunities for advice and guidance and with so many options and variables to consider it can feel overwhelming.

5 Skills Your CV Needs to Succeed

When you’re looking to transition from education to employment, you need to display your transferable skills in your CV, showcasing your relevancy for your chosen career path.

But you don’t need work experience to have workplace skills.

Valuable skills can be gained through school work, voluntary employment or any hobbies and interests, so be creative when finding skills to include.

Below are 5 key skills you should incorporate into your CV, if you want to secure your dream career.


Your First Job Interview

If you’re about to go on an interview for the first time, there are a few things you need to know beforehand. You may feel really nervous at the beginning, but the key to a successful experience is to practice interviewing ahead of time, prepare yourself for the interview, dress appropriately, and try to stay calm.

Travelling Around the World Whilst Studying

I’m a student traveler who has a great curiosity about other countries and soaking up other cultures. I simply feel that I will be able to meet new people, experience new places, and get new opportunities at the same time if I’m going to study abroad.

On the other hand, I want to know how to travel the world for free and be able to finish my college education at the same time. If this also sounds like you, then read on.

University Programs

Why Choose an Apprenticeship?

Katie Fiddaman is a Chartered Manager Degree Apprentice at Pearson College LondonWhat made you consider an apprenticeship?Throughout my GCSE’s and A-Levels, I always worked part-time alongside my studies. Therefore, a degree apprenticeship seemed like the natural progression for my Higher Education as I thrive under pressure and enjoy keeping busy.